[H] Villains is recruiting!

Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
Anyone out there looking for a casual, yet get things done sort of guild? Well, look no further. Villains is looking to add to it's raiding team. We're looking for any and all roles, with an emphasis on healers and dps right now.

We raid twice a week, on a set schedule and will be looking to step into Uldir the moment it opens with an emphasis on pushing to Heroic Uldir ASAP.

Our raiding times are Tuesday and Thursday, 7:30pm Server (which works out to 8:30pm EST) until 9:30pm Server (10:30pm EST) with a small half hour flex at the end, if we're "on a roll", sometimes a little longer, depending on conditions and interest.

Anyone looking for a home is welcome to contact me here on this thread, on Discord at Shin#5563, my BNet tag of Shinigasumi#1403 or in game at Shinigasumi-Kirin Tor.

Also, look around for my core of officers: Qorah-Sentinals, Elemenetra-Kirin Tor and Zimbee-Kirin Tor. They can relay any interest to me if you can't catch me around!

Good gaming all, and enjoy BfA!
Thanks to everyone for the contact I received over this, and I would like to say we will still be recruiting, but it will be by a person to person basis now! Still wouldn't mind some more dps/tank, or dps/heal spec'ed folks to contact us and seek joining our guild!

We're currently 5 of 8 after a solitary night of raiding, and looking to finish the clear on Thursday of this week. Same contact information as above.

See you in game, and good gaming!

Lok'tar O'gar, my friends.
Hi, are you still recruiting? I'm a returning player who started towards the end of vanilla and have come back to WoW a few months ago. Cataclysm (Firelands patch) was the last time I played with any kind of commitment or enthusiasm. After much deliberation I've decided this will be my main character from now on, with holy being my main spec (I used to play resto shaman). Since I've reached level cap, I'm behooved to find a guild and stop playing solo all the time. I think your guild is what I'm looking for.

I'm a guy irl with work and college both part-time. I have plenty of time to prepare and raid, however the earlier the raid the better (I work very early in the mornings). By far my favorite thing to do in-game is transmog collecting. I'm happy to discuss things further if you'd like to know more.
Recruiting is opening back up for us! We're looking for all roles! We want active people looking to raid and do things with the guild. Not just raids, but Mythic+s and other such events (transmog runs into Legion Mythics, etc.). Contact either me, Shinigasumi#1403 (Shinigasumi-Kirin Tor, Shinosoryo-Kirin Tor or Shinoha-Kirin Tor in game) or one of my officers (Zimbee-Kirin Tor and Elemenetra-Kirin Tor). I greatly look forward to speaking with anyone who wishes to become part of our group!

Good gaming all!

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