[Contest] Heart of the Authors 3 (Winners!)

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Took longer than I originally expected but I'm glad I put in the time regardless.
I will definitely have to submit something to this. Thank you for this in advance!
A gentle nudgeminder!
Taking a break from chain running Freeholds to dredge this back to the front.
One year anniversary (mine, not the contest's) bump while I make breakfast.
It's Tuesday, my dudes.

16 days to go!
It's Thursday, my dudes.
Death Grip this on back to the front before they nerf my class.
Front page bump! A little over a week before Spooktober is over, and so is the contest!
Five days to get your creative juices flowing.
I did the thing. I wanted to write an original piece for this, but I'm extremely uncreative and I was already writing something to go with a guild event. A huge look into my character's past. A mix of what happened IC when I first started in WOTLK and a bit of my own past.

Edit: Also, mine is from "Shay Jade" I think I forgot to add my in-game name so HAY ITS ME.
Last day!
Contest closed! Thank you all who submitted. We have ten stories this year!

The Canticle of War by Hyperewok
A Tale of Two Siblings by Shadesinger
Nightmares of Years Past by Shaysinn
Season's End by Issa
Rasek's Story (or perhaps Untitled?) by Rasks
Return to Smoke by Mourai
Khadija by Aithlia
The Veins of Azeroth by Phontine
Watch You Burn by Chellice
Love Like Clockwork by Karmas
*Finds this thread on November 2*
Oh man! Time for both my most and least favorite thing - prizes!

As always, judging someone's artistic and creative work is super hard. At the end of the day, this is just the opinion piece of some weird Blood Death Knight on the internet and not a bearing on how good of an author you are! Just that I only have so much money to throw at the prize pool.

Everyone who chose to participate, as always please give yourselves a firm pat on the back for having the bravery to share your work - and please enjoy an Enchanted Pen courtesy of one of our contest donors!

For the grand prize winners, I would like to award a Blizzard store mount to Isse and Hyperewok for "Season's End" and "Canticle of War". Hyperewok continues to delight after securing a spot last year as well - I might have to bar you from the contest for next year before we run out of mounts to give you. Season's End was a fun, light-hearted tale from an unexpected narrator that just captivated me in two short pages.

Shaysinn's "Nightmares of Years Past" secures second place and a B.Net store pet with a very moving piece on overcoming the traumas of yesteryear.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Karmas' "Love Like Clockwork" was an absolute joy to read with probably the funniest opening line I'd read in some time and an all around great narrative voice throughout the story. Karmas, I owe you a Hearthstone Welcome Bundle (but if you don't play let me know and we'll work something out.)

Thank you to all who participated. As always, Wyrmrest, great and talented writers walk among you. I hope to see you all next year (and then some) and maybe in 2019 I'll finally let other people donate to the prize pool so I don't have to choose anymore.
Thanks for hosting this! Congrats to all the winners. :)

So in addition to believing in the spirit of Code.org as a charity, it turns out we're actually one of their regional partners where I work (sorry - no details). To that end I've decided to make a $100 donation to the organization via buying a Whomper for everyone who participated!

If you already have a Whomper, please let me know - in the spirit of gift giving I'll send it to a friend of your choice instead. Or hell, if you don't already have one.

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