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I discovered the opposite faction's AI while running island expeditions last week. I for one, rather enjoy them. While they are relatively easy to beat, I think they add something new to game play and even an element of fun to expeditions.

With this new form of AI in the game, I began to ponder where else this AI could enhance or benefit our game play. My thoughts immediately went to the dungeon finder. With how many posts I have witnessed on both general forums and reddit where que times are outrageous, maybe blizz could look at introducing an AI tank to speed up que times.

While this may be a positive in several areas, I can certainly see how there are a lot of cons as well. Maybe an additional option in the dungeon finder would allow for people to que for only 'real' tanks and another option to allow people to have an AI tank so they don't have to wait in que as long.

What are your guy's thoughts? Would you like to see more of types of this AI in the game if it didn't remove a huge portion of the social aspect this game has to offer?
If it were up to me, everyone else in WoW would be a bot.
If you put in AI tanks or AI healers you need to put in AI dps.

Then, what's the point of us grouping at all.
Only if we can queue with AI DPS.
No. Stop trying to kill the social aspects of this game.
The AI for normal and heroic are bad at pvp(as in p v ai) but somehow they acquire azerite very quickly
It has the benefits of lowering the queue time but there is a whole host of issues that would need to be addressed.

First how good will the tank perform? With recent advancements AI can far exceed a humans capabilities in analyzing and you could end up with a supertank. Think about it, in game a tank doesn't need to 'see' anything, nor is it hampered by reaction time, pushing buttons down etc. It just sends data a lighting speeds. The tank could perform as if Deep Blue was playing it. Could you imagine a Blood DK? As a healer this would be amazing lol, just /autofollow and observe.

Second we're removing the human interaction and switching to a virtual human. Not a great look for an MMO if we continue to ask for assistance from NPCs rather than our fellow players.

Third what happens to tanks now? Giving two options may make actual tanking a thing of the past as if I knew going regulars would give me an insta tank I'd take that option all the time.

While it sounds good I'd have to go with NOT implementing this. Seems it would cause too many issues and the only benefit of lower queue times doesn't have enough worth to balance it out.

Cool thought though.
08/27/2018 02:11 PMPosted by Drakulous
No. Stop trying to kill the social aspects of this game.

I'm not trying to kill it. I love the social aspect of this game. It is one of the main reasons I continue to play as I have made tons of new friends through WoW.

I was merely offering a suggestion to help high DPS que times. I mainly play healer just because I dislike waiting in que for 40+ minutes. I would be more than happy with 1 person out of a 5 person group being AI if it meant cutting my que times in half.
08/27/2018 02:09 PMPosted by Snowfox
If you put in AI tanks or AI healers you need to put in AI dps.

Then, what's the point of us grouping at all.

Yup i asked in wod why don't i actually do dungeons and raids with my garrison followers.

If they introduce AI even if its just tanks and heals i would just go dps with them .
Screw everyone else >:)

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