You can have one mount in real life, which do you choose?

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08/10/2018 01:15 PMPosted by Kybher
Invincible is this even a question!
Raven Lord.
Plain striding
The Zul' Gurub Tiger.

EDIT: I've seen it drop only once. I should've ninjad it...
08/10/2018 01:15 PMPosted by Illdarius
Mechano Hog

get a motorcycle?
Alexstrasza. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Man, the Archmage's record disc is pretty tempting for versatility...though the Stormwind Skycrasher has working cannons (Perfect for morning traffic!)

I'm going to have to say Ysera though.
A flying freakin' carpet, man! You can air surf on it, sleep on it, bang on it.
Druid Form
One of the regular horses.

As much as I would like a flying mount, my stomach is sensitive so all the up and down-ing would make me sick, and the mounts that are straight without the bobbing like the discs I would fall off of.

I mean, one of the saber mounts would be cool too, but I don't want my head bitten off.
my 60% movement speed monk cloud.
08/10/2018 01:55 PMPosted by Pupü
08/10/2018 01:17 PMPosted by Mespyrian

I don't think anyone would be able to see it. I certainly don't.

hahahha yea that's my bad!
Priest class mount (holy spec)

Because they're adorable
astral cloud serpent

or if it counts travel form for druids
The Grand Expedition Yak looks coomfy.
Dragonhawk. I love getting motion sickness.
vial of sands you can turn into a droagon you how many chicks you can get with that. lol

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