Azerite Gear: Why is it the way it is?

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There's a lot to enjoy about BfA so far. But one thing I don't get is how Azerite Gear made its way into the game in its current form.

Is it supposed to be rewarding to get a piece of 340 or 325 gear that you can't use for days or weeks because you havent unlocked its traits yet?

I suppose we're all going to eventually level up our Heart of Azeroth to the point that it doesn't matter anymore, but it seems far more punishing and grindy then Artifact Weapons in Legion were even at the beginning of that expansion.

At least the power of your Artifact Weapon didn't prelude you from using higher ilvl gear in three of your main gear slots...

Am I crazy about this? Feel free to tell me how I'm wrong and this is the best thing to ever come to WoW. I'm all ears. Just needed to get this off my chest lol.
The system is so much better than legendaries in Legion. But compared to Artifacts yea its lackluster.
I ever so slightly miss my Legion Legendaries and their uber cool effects but at the same time I'm quite happy not to have BfA Legendaries to constantly be hoping for as other luckier players get theirs before mine.

That said, if Azerite Gear was a response to Legion Legendaries, it is in my opinion an incredibly poor one.

Would have been better off just going back to the way things were before Legion then what we have now as far as I'm concerned.
Yeah I'd rather just have Glyphs back to be honest.

Glyphs were great.
I miss glyphs as well. But then I also miss gem slots on all end game gear. I miss professions like JC and Inscription being relevant all expac long =\
Apparently some of the later gear will have more interesting traits like on proc raid bonuses. The first round of stuff is jsut bleh.
I'd have to agree. It was pretty soul crushing to get some 340 shoulders in a Mythic then realize I couldn't use them because I was 2 levels off the first ring.

At least they put the important stuff (for dps) on the first ring and not the last, so that's something I guess?
The problem I'm seeing here is that Blizzard is in the point of the expansion where they need to retain Players. Not drive them away.

So this first round of stuff shouldn't be bleh because they should be trying to make this content feel fulfilling and satisfying.

You know whats been fulfilling and satisfying about BfA so far? At least for me, the stories have been great. I've enjoyed them a lot.

But now I have the Kul Tiras United achievement and I'm turning from story stuff to what's next.

And what's next is apparently grinding mythics for potential 340 drops that will sit in my bags for the next week or three while I unlock enough of their potential to actually be useful.

Not a good way to start this expansion. And Blizz only gets one chance to start off on the right foot with each of these things.
I agree that Azerite gear at high ilvl seems weird. It should be that Azerite gears at high ilvl still have the low Heart of Azeroth requirement like lvling Azerite gear, but have scaling based on current Heart of Azeroth level instead, at a certain cap like say, level 8 is the min to get the first ring and the stats there can be leveled up to level 40 of Heart of Azeroth.
This system feels clunky and inelegant, which is strange with all of the pruning and shaving Blizzard has been doing.

Do two different azeriate abilities on different gear stack? If not, why even allow two slots to have the same abilities?
What's driving me nuts now is the inconsistency. I have pieces of 310 gear that are fully unlocked (fresh 120) and other 310 pieces that I can't choose a single trait on. Hell, I have a piece of 305 gear I was going to use for a different spec that I can't unlock.

If the neck requirement isn't based on the ilvl of the gear what the hell arbitrary requirement is it?
Azerite traits.
What people expected: Gold artifact traits
What we got: Increase move speed by 10% of your highest stat (Up to 4%)

They are just completely lackluster or insignificant effects.
Traits I never want to choose.
  • Vampiric Speed
  • Longstrider
  • Self Reliance
  • Azerite Fortification
  • Considering there are only these 4 out of a large pool of traits I find 0 value in, they didn't do that bad. But the issue is that the other traits are just ... not amazing. I was expecting amazing. Maybe my expectations for the system were too high. But a juicy temp +stat increase trait is probably the nicest thing you are able to pick up through the system.

    Other than the 4 above traits I can imagine situations in or the value of picking up any of the following traits... but the overbearing overlap on some trait effects is just plain poor implementation. In a system like this it was important that all the traits were unique so choices could feel good. Not like these two bleed traits.
    Dagger in the Back
    Your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to fling a dagger at your target, causing them to bleed for 704 Physical damage over 12 sec, stacking up to 4 times. Stabbing them in the back applies 2 stacks.

    A trait that gives me a bleed effect! My that sounds uniq.....
    Rezan's Fury
    Your damaging abilities have a chance to call a Child of Rezan to viciously rend your target, dealing 1353 Physical damage and causing them to bleed for 2704 damage over 12 sec.

    Oh, Hello again bleed trait?

    They also have a bunch of traits that " Increase Critical Strike by X and * Some other effect just so they aren't identical*"

    Blightborne Infusion
    Your spells and abilities have a chance to draw a Wandering Soul from Thros to serve you for 14 sec. The Soul increases your Critical Strike by 768.

    Swirling Sands
    Your spells and abilities have a chance to conjure Swirling Sands, increasing your Critical Strike by 576 for 12 sec. Your critical effects extend Swirling Sands by 1 sec, up to a maximum duration of 18 sec.

    Unstable Flames
    Your damaging abilities have a chance to grant 45 critical strike rating for 5 sec. This effect stacks up to 5 times.

    Functionally, I am not complaining about these traits. (Unlike the 4 mentioned at the start) I just find the effects way too similar to be excited over. It isn't like you gave me 3 unique traits here but 1 "Crit increase" trait that mathimatically goes about doing it's job in a slightly different way.

    I wish there were more Azerite traits I was really excited to be picking up.
    08/17/2018 01:35 AMPosted by Thorrgoth
    Do two different azeriate abilities on different gear stack? If not, why even allow two slots to have the same abilities?

    Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't... Theres no comprehensive list for this yet... The absorb/heals stack though
    Artifact Power has always been terribly designed. Why they brought it back is beyond me.

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