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Hey there lovelies! Figured I'd share this project I've been working on here since it is something I thought some people in our community would enjoy.

Friday Aug 31st over on my Twitch (twitch.tv/maskmorrow), we will have our very first TRANSMOG COMPETITION! I am so excited to present this and host for everyone. Please note that this will be happened over the Trail of Style weekend event in World of Warcraft, so please try to save yourself some coin by waiting to mog after the in game ever starts. All transmog and barber shop visits will be free that entire weekend!

For complete rules and submission information, please check out my tumblr. Hope to see you all soon!

Ooooh I will most def be there on my more fashionable priestess!
Prepare to lose.
Look forward to seeing you both, @Lokur and @Shaysinn :D
Bumping this up :)
Bumping this up again to get the word out :)
Bumping this up again. Thanks all!
Friendly reminded for those interested, we are still hosting this event on Friday Aug 31st. Can't wait to see what everyone brings to the table. If you are wanting to join, please go check out the complete rules of entry over at coinsandcrows.tumblr.com.
Friendly reminded for those interested, we are still hosting this event TOMORROW, Friday Aug 31st, at about 1pm PST over at twitch.tv/maskmorrow. If you want in, it's not too late to submit your entry! Will re-announce the theme at the beginning of the stream, then give an hour grace period for late entries. Hope to see you all then!

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