Leveling BfA Engineering from 125-150

The goggles are for you guys to drop mats for the Mecha Mogul Mk2 mount on The Motherlode, cause it need around 225/250 to get those itens. The bad thing is to lvl this profession right now with expulsom, i am at 149, and i need to do one goggle (20 expulsom) or several two handed (5 expulsom) and i already expended all my money getting to 149. Also, the mount its 2.5M on my realm, you can say is worthy if you sell for this much.
147-150 on GREEN patterns or 20 Explosium per Goggle? Thanks Blizzard.
If you are an eng this exp you are just screwed.

Even our 8.1 goggles, unless traits are buffed are crap so, you know, what ever.
The reward for leveling is making obscene amounts of gold from crafting the mount, it shouldn't be trivial to get there.
Leatherworking/skinning is the fastest way. Shimmerscale isnt the only item. Kill pigs in Drustvar too and make the leather wrists. Same as the mail ones.

Oh just wait until you try to make the mount. The servomotors drop about 1/4 the rate of the other 2 dismantled components. I won't be discussing solo methods here though.
I have done probably 5 WQ's just to get the points in leveling. At this rate, only 16 more WQ's to go and I am 150. LOL
best way i found to fix this is to take tailoring when you are at 125+ with eng. And craft bracers. scrap those into expol. And im pretty sure the reason why it is so hard to level is so the mount is rare. Im getting upset at the grind. but that sweet gold i get from that mount will be woth it

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