Please expain: Why are Rogues OP....Again?

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08/27/2018 08:44 AMPosted by Gildoor
for 10seconds, maybe. Once cloak and evasion are spent we're doomed.

Warriors and DK's got no evasion, so they are "doomed" since your magnificent opening burst ;)
08/27/2018 07:39 AMPosted by Boskins
My Rogue was the first character I made back in 2005. We spent years only getting invites to raids because we could sap for trash pulls. We spent years being wildly mediocre in PvP. I’m happy to see Rogues in a good place for both.

You seem to be forgetting about the whole "World of Roguecraft" thing from that same era. We were never "mediocre" in PvP.
It's because we got the delicate rogue bod. (THAT is why we get to burst as much as possible.)

If we get hit it hurts. So, we gotta smash/poision as much as we can. We have no long range so we have to keep our dps up some how when we run away from deadly floors.

If you are mad about the rogue's high dmg in dungeons lol it means the rouge is doing a great job. Great job everyone!
Because I have always been combo/outlaw since I made this char in late vanilla. And they made me live thru Outlaw/legion... I am owe'd a great deal for that. They are paying us back...Now silence!! or I will complain that you enjoy your class too much.....and we all know what blizzard does about that!!
I would imagine the character I must want 60 minutes per que with do great damage being a pure DPS class.

What utility do rogues bring? I can’t dispell and kick is one every 15 secs. Any other buff requires the target to be stun and 100% bosses in this game can’t be stunned

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