Shallow Grave - The Corpse and the Rabbit

Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether

Once upon a time t'ere was a corpse wi't a rabbit. T'ey 'ah adventures...

Mistakes, you mean mistakes.

... 'appy acciden's t'en.

I think that's what your mom called you when you were a breather.

Bet'er t'an 'Pom-pom'.


Anyway. T'ere 'as been a couple new pages writ'en since our vacat'on


...and we 'ill be updating at least once o' week now.

No one wants to hear about you falling down anymore. I have to live with you and I'm sick of it.





.... I 'm send'in ya ta live wi't t'a foot stools.


Hey there, I have been posting in the Twisting Nether Gazette a little. Have the story line on the site, and it is where I'll be updating from now on. Been a long time since posting. Right now they just arrived in Draenor, and will be continuing the story on a weekly basis.
By the way, if you were following before the really long break the story picks up on the November 28, 2017 post.

Link to the thread:

And here is a little from the March 20, 2018 post:

Not looking up Luebella reached down into a small black pouch she had on her belt, and produced a folded piece of parchment. She extended it to the guard, who snatched it from her hand. Opening it he glanced down at the letter and then at Luebella. "You can find him in the main hall", he said. With that Luebella grabbed the parchment from the guards hand, tucked it back into the black pouch, and began walking across the bridge.
As Yurrie, Mock and Ottis followed the Draenei followed them with his eyes.
Mock and Ottis paid him no mind, but Yurrie turned her head as they were almost across the bridge. He was still watching them as he spit on to the ground.
Enjoyed the read, brings back good memories I have of RH. That said, I see the Zeke is still rolling with his flea infested rabbit...

Be Safe.
Yes it's been more than a week, but I do have a new post up!
The fight has been taken to Highmaul.

Even with what appeared to be superior numbers, the invaders where having a tough time with the larger inhabitants. The ogres could cleave, crush, or pull apart some of the smaller soldiers in a single motion. Small mounds of the dead dotted the battle field, usually a fallen defender and the corpses of those that eventually brought it down. 

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