Zuljin is also down

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It started slowing down about an hour ago. Guild chat was slow, then quests started to lag, and finally my auto-loot stopped working...these things were the signs of the end times.
It was fun, east coast people got about 2.5 hrs in. Sorry west coasters.
Outsourced tech support.

We need to wait for India to wake up and service the ticket.
Lolz, I just did a ton a cleaning up in my house after reaching kul'tiras on my main alliance, "Ok, gonna see what alliance quests looks like before going to sleep"... Zul'jin down... with a few others... God dammit D:
I had a feeling it was going to happen. Quests and NPCs were taking longer and longer to interact with, then boom.
Ooh, the Black Screen, progress.
I'm on but it's so laggy it's unplayable

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