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Op now is the time to learn as u go imho not alot of tanks right now u can pretty much get away with anything this wekk lol!
i like the idea of a drunken tank but not sure if i can do it on my monk
I have not tanked or healed for many years and I just tanked my first dungeon last night and it went surprisingly well. The forums had scared me into thinking that people were going to berate and insult me for taking it slower because its been a while. I felt bad the first group I got into after 2 seconds in queue I ended up getting nervous and leaving. Id say just go for it because your queue is so short that it does not matter what happens just try your best. Id rather tank then wait in 2hr queue as dps.
I agree that right now is the time to do it.

By next week, if you don't know every twist and turn of every dungeon, every quirk of trash mob behavior, and every boss mechanic, you'll be ridiculed by everyone else in your dungeon groups.
I recently started learning to tank on my Bear. When I had to do Mythic for BoP near the end of Legion, I just advertised as “New Tank” and everyone was cool.

I always start out with, “ I’m a newish Tank. I’ll go as quickly as I can. Let me know if I need to do anything differently “

I’m sure I’m going to get some obnoxious players eventually, but everyone has been patient and understanding, even with mistakes. A very pleasant surprise.

My guess is this:
A slightly slower dungeon run with a new tank is better than 30 to 60 minutes waiting in queue.
Do not tank the new dungeons unless you want to be yelled at threat is quite low and dps pull and get the team killed then blaim tanks.

When I tank I have this issue when I heal I see other tanks also having this issue.

Theirs a reason tank ques are instant they get abused the most.
I would tank and I feel that this is the best time to learn except for one major issue... I hate vengence spec and I'm not good at playing it due to lack of practice.

If I were to tank it would be blood DK but I'm slow and don't have time to get everyone leveled up and I want DH to be my main.

Also, I'd still be too nervous.
08/16/2018 07:09 AMPosted by Groodge
IF you are new to tanking take it slow.

Nah, just dive in.

08/16/2018 07:09 AMPosted by Groodge
Once you get the hang of it try to press your limits.

Press you're limits from the word go.

Watch your health and what the healer can keep, up with. If you're constantly below 50% health then you're stressing the healer.

As a tank it's not what you can handle but what those around you can handle.

Had a tank the other day that pulled too much. I BoP'd him. He told me that I shouldn't BoP a tank and, in general, he's right. But at that point it was either BoP him or wipe. A couple of DPS died but it was trash and it would have taken longer if we'd all wiped. It may surprise some but that's a healers call in a PuG.

08/16/2018 07:09 AMPosted by Groodge
Look up your dung journal and read all the spells the boss does.

That just pisses me off and breaks the Suspension of Disbelief.

I should know what to do from what's happening around me. I shouldn't need to be reading a journal. If I do that I may as well program the PC (Bachelor Computer sciences) to do it for me. If I do it that way at least I'll have a challenge.

08/16/2018 07:16 AMPosted by Purrkour
Get in there and practice, most people will just be glad they finally got a group, they likely won't care too much about quality, thats what mythic+ is for.

I'm pretty sure that you're not capable of m+.

08/16/2018 07:43 AMPosted by Theannia
Plus, the days when it's horrible trying to level a tank compared to other classes are well behind us.

Not true any more.

I dropped tank spec to continue as heal spec. Heal spec does more damage than tank spec and so is faster.
Nows the best time to do it. While everyone is on fairly even ground and they cant survive solo.
This might be the best time to start tanking. Most players are just now learning the new dungeons. Not everyone plays beta or watches YouTube videos on the fights. A lot of tanks just jump right into the frying pan.

Just go at your pace, communicate with your group, and have fun with it. Every once in a while you may make a mistake, but everyone does. Just shrug it off and try again.

My brother usually plays with me as a demon hunter so we sometimes switch off back and forth on tanking new dungeons. If you ever want to play with us and learn how to tank without any pressure just hit me up on Vashj.

We mess up tanking all the time and don’t care. It’s all about learning.
I haven't even stepped foot in a bfa dungeon yet but wanted to know, is everyone just rushing the tank to go go go still or is it a better pace?
Most groups are nicer than you might think. Just tell them you're inexperienced and want to take things slowly. Use the first couple of pulls as a guide. If things are going swimmingly, try to up the pace a little.

Always remember, a tank's job is to *reduce chaos*, in order to free up healers to heal and dps to deal damage.
I've also brought up an alt tank (pally) and quested for quite some time as such. I have tanked a couple things with a few friends, nervous as heck. I have yet to dip my shield into the LFG as of yet just nerves. But after reading some of these comments I think I may just do it - if I get kicked ok, next group.. I'll just warn them that I'm a new tank and hope for the best.
08/16/2018 05:25 AMPosted by Juuhachigou
Especially in normal dungeons you dont even have to care about mechanics.

This specific line is BAD advice. The rest is good information.
I'd say if you're interested in it, start in open world and see how you do. The thing about tanking is it's basically doing your rotation to damage the boss, while you dance with them. You have to dance around so they don't kill the dps and healer, and dance in and out of mechanics. It's more physical activity than strict rotation throughput. And debuffs, you should work on keeping an eye on yours, as well as the rest of the group's. (Especially important for raid tanks, as you'll have to coordinate swapping for stacks.)
Go for it, you can do eeet!
My advice, just do it. If you screw up, admit to it and learn from the experience, if others get on your case about it, ignore them. Listen to helpful criticism and advice when offered, ignore hateful comments. Treat every failure as a learning experience and look to improve.
08/16/2018 08:25 AMPosted by Khëmical
I haven't even stepped foot in a bfa dungeon yet but wanted to know, is everyone just rushing the tank to go go go still or is it a better pace?

It's fine. I explained I didn't know the layouts and the fights yet, and everyone was very patient. Mostly because they were in the same boat. But also because dps queues for normal dungeons are simply enormous, and they can't afford to tick off tanks and heals.

As for dps rushing the tank, perhaps even pulling mobs, I advise a relaxed attitude. Let them do it, and tank the mobs as best you can. Don't argue with them. It's just a waste of time. But don't waste your taunts on them, either. Taunts are best reserved for situations where you've already got your death ball and a single mob peels off.
Go with your guild, first, to build up confidence. I was tanking heroic Antorus bosses on my DK before I ever had the courage to step into a random heroic 5-man with PuGs. I heal all the time for randoms with no problem, but tanking stresses me out. I have to really overgear the content before I'll trust myself to go into a 5-man with people I don't know.
08/16/2018 08:30 AMPosted by Vollà
I'd say if you're interested in it, start in open world and see how you do.

I actually get a bit of a kick out of tanking for people in the questing zones. You'd be surprised how many dps tack on to you when you're pulling big groups and holding threat. It's the most efficient way for most dps to get their kill quests done.

And you can treat it like a dungeon run - do your proper rotation, position mobs, and take on a bit more than you can chew so you have to use your active mitigation.
It’s kinda sad to hear that so many people wanna play tanks but are afraid from backlash.

I think the main issue is You got 90 percent of the average player base Acting like their are in the top 5-10 percent of elite player base. a very small group of players raid on mythic +. Many guilds that do can’t even get to the final raid boss.

So you get a group of people who all think they they know everything because they watched a video of some amazing player doing it. A small percentage does know their stuff, and they definitely know what they are talking about. But it certainly isn’t a large portion of the population. Especially on forums. Most high tier players are too busy doing mythic raids and getting sweet gear to bother with forums.

So play tank. Die, wipe, try again. Most random players are pretty decent about it. I am anyway.
Just do it man. I've only played tanks and healers. One thing that I really didnt see get talked about is using your interrupts. Learn what mobs heal and which ones fear and make sure they dont cast. Learn by trial and error. I dont really notice the 400% threat nerf so it's not that big of a deal. Keep your mitigation up and interrupt when available is the best advice I can give. These first 3 dungeons arent to hard so they should be relatively easy to learn.

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