Crash when entering world (Mac)

Technical Support
Hey guys, so I'm trying to get WoW to work on this Mac I have. It works fine on all characters except for one, my rogue who is currently in the BFA area. It's very strange since all of my other characters work fine. Thing is, I'm able to play normally until it crashes after maybe 30 minutes to an hour, but when I log onto my character on my PC, I can move my char and then I'm able to log in again. It doesn't seem to happen in any particular zone either. As soon as I hit enter world, it shows my UI briefly, then crashes. Has anyone had this issue? Thanks!

Things I've tried
-Deleted WTF and cache folders
-Disabled addons
-Ran a scan & repair
-Restarted the computer(lol)
-Ensured the game is fully patched
Try the mac tech support forum.

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