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Distorted Reality w/40+ online thru out the day i can say you wont find a better horde guild on kj, we focus on rated bgs, filling a 2nd pve raid group. also plenty of partners for arena, dr was once top horde rbg rating guild and plan on doin that once more with a touch of pve!!!! hmu in game or anyone by /who distorted

[Distorted Reality]LF Players Interested in Rated BGs, Filling 2-3 Teams - Casual/Arena PvP Welcome! Also Forming 1-2 PvE Raid Groups - We're Very Active and Social Avg 20+ Online - Last RBG Group Pushed 2.1K+ HMU If Interested![DR]

-Reluct GM
You can add me! I should be on tonight. Storizzle#1305

I play wow for arena and pvp. Currently have a max warrior but I am looking to level and gear something else also
Add me: PvtRyan#11358.

Usually on from 3-8pm pst. The character I'm posting with is my main right now, but looking at rollin up a healer alt, possible Mistweaver or Paladin. Leaning heavily towards MW atm but I hear Pala is super OP right now.

add me up, have a buddy and we're looking for a good RBG group, i'm item level 363
Unholy DK my blood spec is even higher. my friend has alts, he heals send me a msg

Recently came back to WoW currently at 350 iLVL Fury/Arms. Looking to get back into all Things

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