Screw toxic "fans". Every expac is fun.

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I've had a blast playing every WoW expansion! Even their not so great ones are still very fun to play. I've played just about every other MMO RPG on the market since 2003, and nothing compares to WoW. Only City of Heroes held that honor of being as addicting as WoW for me. Never played EQ and CoH was my first MMO, but that got old when CoV launched, and WoW came out and just destroyed everything, haha.

ARR cannot hold a stick to WoW's greatness.

Yea, there are definitely a lot of winy, toxic players in WoW, but you can't please everyone! Those people who literally blamed that CHristie lady who had nothing to do with Blizzard's writing team, need to be squelched from forums forever.
WoD wasn't good, but most of us still played didn't we?
I am sorry Heavensward was far better then WoD. At least Heavensward didn't have it's story missing the middle.
Where is this toxic behaviour? I can't find any references or articles about it.
Theres a difference between being passionate and having opinions and harassing writers online.
Strange I would consider myself somewhat of a toxic fan, but I in no way find the story build up into Bfa dissatisfying at all. I find it actually very good and look forward to more of the story this expansion. I even think that this could be one of the best possible story expansions so far if things keep up.
I think toxic fans are the ****ing worst. Personally, I think they should be burnt alive like the civilians in Darnassus.
For better or worse, and despite feeling that MMOs are still just kinda a bad genre (despite playing some quite extensively), I can honestly say every expac had something about it I enjoyed immensely. Even Vanilla.
The story has been bad since cataclysm but I'd never research who the writers are and comment on their social media accounts.
I agree, but there is one outlier that is just fundamentally bad outside of opinions on actual content and gameplay, and that is WoD .It lacked in nearly every single perspective.
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WoD was not better than Wildstar, SWToR, Heavensward, possibly even Black Desert or Bless. What I'm saying is WoD is really bad.

If Blizz cancelled BfA tomorrow, it would still have been a better expansion than the current state of SWTOR.

Not than the release state though leveling in SWToR was amazing cause it was basically KoTOR 3
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I am sorry Heavensward was far better then WoD. At least Heavensward didn't have it's story missing the middle.

As bad as WoD was, FF15 was worse.

Couldn't even get to level cap in Heavensward it was so dull and cliche. Watched the story on Youtube and I'm glad I didn't continue forcing myself to play it.

The Knights of the Round fight was eye candy atleast.
I really like all of Christie's older wow related novels, especially Arthus.

Before the Storm is totally boring.
WoD was only good in that you could grind up a bunch of alts to cap in 2 seconds

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