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08/13/2018 06:53 AMPosted by Pzykotic
1. Me
2. Me
3. BFA - Classic is classic for a reason. It had its time. It's over. It was nice, but mana for hunters? Soul shard bags? Keyrings? Attunements for Naxxramas no one completes? No thanks

so what have they done in 14 years thats any better? healers and casters that dont use mana?
1. I am not playing BFA after playing the alpha and beta. Did not pre-order after playing it. Debating unsubbing. There are a lot of things people will like about the BFA game, but it is just not my gig.

2 and 3: I can't wait for Classic and will resub/play heavily when it comes out. I watched my friend playing on a pserver recently and it was super fun and social in ways I haven't seen in a long time.

I'm super excited for Classic.
Would probably split my time between a classic server and Live servers.
I wont play anymore than normal whats the hurry
I'm a casual gamer so while this is fun I don't think I'll spend 40 hours with it in one week, I'll pop in and out but I also play Overwatch and they launched summer games overthere, and that new game We Happy Few also game out which I am enjoying too.

I don't raid and prefer to go into them once I'm over the level to see what I missed/farm them, only time I did raids at my level was for the legion campaign with the LFR. I don't mind it but I don't take it seriously.

I'd be interested in Classic WoW as I vaguely RM it, didn't even have my own account back then was playing on my mother's. I would balance them out and play Classic sometimes, BfA for the other times.
I expect I will be playing heavily,I will not be playing for top 100. Casual raiding looking to clear heroic before next patch.

I will play classic but do not have any plans beyond a lazy level to 60, 4 hours a week is a lot more likely then 40.

I expect I will examine class balance before selecting a class, I would like to play a paladin or priest, but given I played a vanilla paladin if the class is still like it was in 1.9 I won't be.
1. I'm still deciding whether or not to renew my sub after it expires in 72 hours. But even if I do, it'll only be for one more month. To hit max lvl and chip away at the cancer that is pathfinder.

These zones are really bland, another xpac without a single breathtaking zone. This is what happens when flight is barred from being the zone design asset it was originally implemented to be by a bitter (and cheap AF) Acti-Blizz who tried to remove it altogether to just cut their development costs before failing due to backlash, and then relegating it to a self-piloted taxi service with pathfinder (so they still don't have to design zones with a vertical element, since no one gets flight until well after launch) out of pure spite for the players smart enough to recognize it's value and why the good old Blizzard implemented it in the first place.

Also another AP grind? Already not feeling it. And these set bonuses are weak. Anything but legendary. I don't enjoy getting a power downgrade for BFA. Not looking forward to 116 when I lose my 2 legendary items as I'll get nothing of value to compensate for that loss.

Besides, Legion showed me it's WAY better to just unsub and come back for a single month after each major content patch to take advantage of the implemented AP catch up mechanisms than to stay subbed throughout just to get forcibly limited by never ending RNG and underhanded time gating tactics designed to extract more sub time from me in the lamest ways possible anyway.

2. & 3. I wouldn't play classic at all. Because it's not being made by Blizzard classic. It's being made by the nitwits who messed up everything Blizzard ever did right (see #1) to instill those strong feelings of nostalgia for the pre-Activision Blizzard acquisition era of Vanilla-Wrath. With Activision in the picture, I've come to expect only more cut corners and disappointment with each new xpac, as that is all they consistently deliver.

If it weren't for the OG Blizzard's masterful work still pumping nostalgia throguh my veins, I wouldn't come crawling back like a relapsing junkie at all. But If I want to relive their works, I'll just go play on a private WotLK server.
I casually play retail and will most likely dedicate to classic.
Ahh, the days of sitting on WoW for ten hours a day. Those were the good old days! Now, I have a job, and age has changed my priorities. I'll play a couple hours in the evenings , probably every night this week.. then dwindle down to 2 or 3 nights a week. I'm in no rush. I just enjoy playing.

OH, and as for Classic Wow.. I absolutely intend to play it. I may be more excited about that, than the new content.
08/13/2018 06:49 AMPosted by Metrohaha
1. How many of you are going to play very heavily over the next few weeks? How many of you are looking for top 100 US? How many will just raid seriously? How many will play 40+ hours a week for at least this week, if not the next three?

I will not be playing until Classic comes out.

08/13/2018 06:49 AMPosted by Metrohaha
2. How many of you that will play 40 hours a week during BFA, would also play and be interested in Classic WoW? Could you see yourself playing 40 hours a week at it's launch too? Could you see yourself in an equivalent raid setting? Top 100 type guild, if that's even possible?

Once Classic comes out, I will be playing 60+hrs a week. Will also be in one of the top 100 guilds.

08/13/2018 06:49 AMPosted by Metrohaha
3. If Classic also came out today. Which would you play and why?

I am not interested at all in BFA, only Classic.
1 & 2 ) I'll play BFA probably 20 hours this week, and 10 hours a week after that. I haven't played since Cata and only bought BFA because classic was announced.

3) if classic were released today, I would have taken this week and next week off work and binged like it was 2004. When Classic goes live, I'll play that as my main game.
I like some of the new systems and I profoundly hate some of the new systems (that mobile game they feed on our throat aka mission/command table) so choosing the lesser evil would be classic. I wouldn't play 40 hours as classic player base grew up but I would play classic for sure.
1. I want to get in, cap out and then move to my next character and do the same. My H and A mains, essentially. I may pour in more than 40 hours this week, but after that I will slow down. I don't care about raiding or mythics, so I will be quite casual after that.

2. I leveled more than a dozen characters to max level in vanilla. While I am looking forward to it, I would not pour a bunch of time into it all at once.

3. Cap my mains in retail and then immediately invest most of my time to vanilla. I doubt I'd play much more than a few hours a day, but classic would get far more time than retail.
The thing about vanilla WoW was that a player HAD to master basic elements of play to get ahead. You HAD to join a guild. You HAD to make friends who were good players. Now they do not. Every time the game allowed people in dps spec to tank through dungeons it made me sick - SICK! I spent years learning how to tank and these idiots were just dpsing through it. There was no point in being a tank anymore. There was no point in being a mage or a priest anymore. There was no point in learning how to CC anymore. People used to have to walk miles through snow to get to school. Now they do not. If you had to do something the old way you appreciated it more once you achieved it. Problem is once you get used to cars you're not going to go back to walking if you don't have to. I have ten toons now from all the downtime I had after leaving progression guild raiding, which in its own way sucked because I hated being trapped with the same players for months on end. My favorite time was during the invention of Oqueue as an addon that allowed players to select other players of similar experience to play together for raid durations of about 5 hours max while using Ventrilo. It's not the same with the incredibly slow raidfinder which tells you nothing about a player except their ilvl and which people can leave without repercussion.
1. If you can hold down a job and a wife and still put in 40+ hours some one is immune to sleep deprivation. I probably will get in at most 10 hours a week.

2. I'm not a no-lifer

3. OG WoW was fun. My favorite iteration of the paladin thus far which is my favorite class. Remember classes? Ya, they were a thing. Remember when the world actually mattered? Remember when leveling took effort? Remember crafting actually being a necessary part of wow? Remember when you actually had fun items you could actually use during any part of the game? If the mechanics of a game aren't fun I get bored. OG WoW is fun despite the tedium. Current WoW is fun then tedious. I don't expect an overhaul of WoW to incorporate it's whole as the story has gone for too long on narrow rails. Therefore I await the day I can play classic by shooting my arcane missiles (favorite spell by the way [even since OG]) and blowing things up with out the craptastic arcane blast. It's seriously the first iteration of arcane mage beyond WotLK I can get behind.
I renewed my account and bought BFA as a show of support over the announcement of Classic, but so far I've spent about two minutes online in BFA.

I'll end up just waiting for Classic. I might have a look at BFA on some weekends when I have a bit of time, but I did have the beta and found it suffered from many of the same problems that have plagued the last few expansions.
As someone who keeps an active account as a show of support over the Classic announcement I think my answer is fairly obvious but hey.

1. I have no intent of playing very heavily right now. That being said however I have been spending a fair amount of time leveling two alts (with and without heirlooms) to see what the leveling is like since the stat squish and all the doom and gloom around leveling. I must say I have been enjoying the slower pace compared to last time I did it (right before legion released) and was disappointed how insubstantial each level felt. Still think you are to strong even without heirlooms. Would I play BFA heavily? Sure if I had someone to play with alas most of the people I used to play with no longer play.

2. When I choose to do something seriously be it Classic, BFA, Warmahordes, or any other hobby I tend to focus on that thing to the exclusion of almost anything else with the exceptions being motorcycles, roleplaying, and of course work.

3. Classic hands down. Two reasons. First it's simply more appealing to me. Second I know I have quite a few friends who want to start classic with the express intent of playing together.
08/13/2018 06:49 AMPosted by Metrohaha
3. If Classic also came out today. Which would you play and why?

I'd be playing Classic. Whilst I think the team are doing the very best they can with each expansion and the new content, the game itself, and the community have gone in a direction I don't appreciate.

I believe Classic is the best chance for recreating the right environment for the things I'm looking for to become possible/available again.

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