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I've used the WoW Companion app a few times now and I noticed when completing missions through it I'm not being my rep or Azerite shards. :(
I am having the same issue. I just completed a Champions of Azeroth rep mission. Logged in today and nothing. Still at the same rep. I haven't really checked before this, but I know 100% this time.
I saw this happen as well, at least as far as I can tell from Armory. 1025/6000 Champions of Azeroth Friendly before claiming a rep mission award, unchanged after.
just ran into the rep bug, ran 2 Zandalari missions while at work that should have put me into revered when done, got home and logged in and still sitting just short of the revered mark
I'm not sure if there's a Heisenberg bug or just us trusting imperfect memory, but I did a careful experiment last night.

I logged into the game and recorded my reputation (2270/6000 friendly) and then used the mission table to start a reputation reward mission for that faction (Champions of Azeroth).

When the mission completed, I used the app to collect it. Both the reward (250) and the bonus (225) scored, for a total of 475 rep points.

I then logged into the game and looked at my reputation, which was 2745/6000. That is an increase of 475, as would have been expected.

So it worked, this time, while I watched it like a hawk. Again, this could be a Heisenberg bug (a software error that changes behavior if you observe it), a bug in other variations of my experiment (specific missions, or starting missions in the app instead of the game) or no bug at all except for imperfect recall.

I'll do more experiments to check the behavior in other conditions.
this being reported in august as a bug, and has no blue post response.

it's now nov 2nd. this is still a bug. no faction rep gained from using the app, GG.

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