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Dawnbringer and Madoran
Little about us:
We are a small group of friends who raided back in wrath/cata and since had taken a break. We decided to rebrand and get our guild up and running.
We are a semi-casual guild looking to recruit adult players (preferably) 18+ to build our numbers so we can get back into raiding both normal and heroics and if we get enough interest even dabble into mythics when the time comes. Also dungeons and pvp if that is your fancy! Once we get enough we will decide based upon what works best days/times for raiding.
We are recruiting for all classes and specs now and various skill level. We also have some officer spots open for the right candidate. being 120 is a plus but we are willing to help anyone still leveling from 110 to 120.

If interested, you can message

Inore-Madoran, Btag: pacey#1296 (Officer)
Onefuglybst-Madoran, Btag: Izzy#1262 (GM)
Rosetieler-Madoran, Btag: NoBother#1155 (Co-GM)
I am Looking for a new guild I am casual used to raid hard core looking to get into it once i get the gear for it but I love running any kind on content Just transferred to this realm
Please hit me back up my BT is SilentSword#1126348
i sent you a request

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