Acherus moving?

Death Knight
I have not heard on whether or not the necropolis will be floating over between the new zones. Anyone seen it on Beta? Or heard whether or not it will stay at broken shore?
It will likely stay. It didn't move from the Eastern kingdoms until Legion.
I hope it moves back to EPL but likely staying
When i use deathgste on beta i got to epl, on glad sanctum at least
Its probably going to stay in the broken isles until blizz remembers it exists.
There's not really a reason for it to move in BfA. It moved in Legion because it was fortress that could make a move on the Legion, a third party threat to the entire world (though we never really saw this reasoning come to fruition). This concept doesn't really hold a place in BfA without the Ebon Blade making a faction swing, which we simply know won't happen from a gameplay perspective.

Having it move in spite of that would make it a weird, omnipresent threat to both factions that we might turn on them at any given time for lack of any greater threat to unify us, or direct our attention towards.
I wish we had a choice when we death gate. Whether it be to the broken isles or epl. Since both still technically exist.
Technically and "reality" aren't the same thing
True. But be honest. You wouldn’t mind having another portal to get you just a little closer to that “thing” you need to go do in northern eastern kingdoms again. Really doesn’t bother me it doesn’t work. Just kind thought that’d be nice to do be able to choose lol.
It would also be kinda cool to throw a rune forge down somewhere in the main cities. I know deathgate is easy, but it would be pretty cool.
Mages still get to teleport to old and new dalaran. However Blizz has more important things to be working on.
I think its in a pretty good spot at least geographically. The Broken Shore is pretty much dead smack in the middle of the World with relatively easy access to both new zones (if there were flight points). Would be nice if they added a nice portal room there to save us a trip to Dalaran though (less loading screens).

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