Troops not receieved

Mobile Bug Report
I recruited troops on the app and never received the troops. I ended up losing all of my resources from trying to recruit troops from the app.
The same problem happened to me. I lost a LOT of resources because it kept happening. No way to report in game.
Same here. Can only recruit in game.
Same here as well, on iOS. Received a GM response that they escalated it to the dev team for the app, but they said it was the first they've heard of it. Clearly, that's not true seeing you fine folks here. It took me a few tries to realize that this was a bug and I depleted a ton of war resources because of that.... >.<

Thing is, I had done it before but for whatever reason, now I can't. Past couple of days.
i have this problem with my warlock but not my hunter, odd.
Also encountering the same problem still lost 125 resources trying to recruit troops
This has been happening to me as well.
Literally just happened to me. 4 troop recruits of resources just disappeared. wtf
Still happening, just happened to my 118 DH, and blizz refuse to refund my resources.
There are threads on this going back 2 months or more (I just found one in this forum on the same issue from early September). There are blue posts on that saying that they're tracking down the issue...

After 2 months, I guess we can conclude that the dev team is ignoring this issue. Neither is it listed as a known issue, nor has it had any development/fix.

I personally get this issue on a weekly basis and am currently getting the issue for the past 3 days. I've lost probably 500 resources over time to this and now I can't run missions because I have 0 followers left.

I think it fixes temporarily if you log into the game and recruit/pickup folks in-game (i've just not been able to log in last 2 days and it's currently down for maintenance). I'm hoping it'll reset itself after I'm in tonight.

Blizz... please help on this pervasive, ongoing bug. You have a ton of details on it from past posts, but let me know what details you need and I'd be happy to provide them as well.

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