So which class did you pick to main?

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I really haven't had time to play with work and everything else but I'm curious to know which class everyone picked and have any regrets?
Well, Legion was the first time I've truly been able to feel like a Goblin Hunter with the inclusion of mechanical pets, so I'm keeping the train rolling. Hopefully we get more mech too tame later on in the expansion, 'cause Petopia has some amazing new models listed.
Alliance Unholy DK
Horde Demo Lock

Plan is clear one part of each island at a time leveling both toons leisurely.

After that is a healer each faction.

I likes to heal
Druid. Easy to hide and easy to run.
demo warlock because it's my favorite class/spec. i'm trying to stay off the warlock forums though. if you've been you know what i'm talking about.
Not sure. It's going to be between a lock/mage/warrior.
I only ever Tank/DPS. Easy to have fun tbh.
BM hunter why change now when I enjoy my class.
With the re-introduction of raid buffs/debuffs, my raiding guild needed someone who would bring the 5% magic damage debuff, and nobody wanted to play a demon hunter. Since I wasn't terribly attached to my old main, I volunteered.

It's been tough to muster the energy to level (to be fair, I'm also sick atm so that's probably not helping), but on the flip side Spectral Sight lets me loot all those treasure chests and mining nodes that spawn inside walls and under the ground and stuff.
Demon hunter and I'm not disappointed. Being able to glide around is the best, especially jumping from the top of the pyramid.
Horde: old hunter

Alliance: this guy

Now to find some time to play. That’s a separate issue.
Really liking Ret pally, so he's my main. Have a survival hunter and rogue as close 2nds.
My shaman. I love playing elemental I just wish I didnt feel gimped playing it compared to any other class I play. Until it's boofed I shall wreck face as enhancement.
I've been going back and forth between holy pally and havoc DH. The pally is useful and needed but the DH is a lot more fun. I'll probably abandon the pally entirely to be honest. I enjoyed the front line battle healer feel they had in Legion but that seems to be gone in BfA and now they're just dull.
From Cataclysm through Legion, my mains have been a Draenei Ret Paladin and an Orc Elemental Shaman. But for BFA, I'm going to switch mains to a Pandaren Frost Mage (Alliance) and a Tauren Arms Warrior. However, I'm having some doubts as they finally brought back Hammer of Wrath and Inquisition for pallys.
MM's borked in fun and dps, so as much as I prefer Legion Surv (having mained Surv before, turned out spearing things with my pet beside me was super fun), maining Surv and maybe offspeccing BM.
Was tempted to go with DK for path of frost

have a friend who plays that and we group so that's covered so I took pally out for a spin since I can tank, heal or dps melee as needs must.

Once flying is in game i"ll actually level my favorite squishies.
So far, I am using my rogue to explore the new zones, and do gathering while I explore.

I don't do endgame (raids, pvp, or max level dungeons). I might choose a different class for those.

And I will play other classes too. Right now (first week) Qri is Herbs/Ore, Stormzi (hunter) is Skinning. Karix is Leatherworking.
My newly boosted rogue because I want something similar but different from what I have. Sort of wish they had an "evasion tank" spec based on the vanilla WoW nonesense I read, but oh well.

Having plenty of fun with her.

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