Are you leveling alts? Whats your reasoning?

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As the topic states.

I currently have 16 110s and my 120 druid. I honestly was burned out in Legion by the AP grind and i just cant bring myself to level another toon with the aspect of how slow azerite power is churning at this point.
I dont see any other benefits ie. Gold mission table etc. i will have achieved 400 mounts in the next three i get from reputations.

Im just curious outside of professions, why level another toon?
im not too boring liek watching paint dry just lvling one toon legion was wayer better for alt lvling from the beginning
08/16/2018 10:01 PMPosted by Menohpaws
Im just curious outside of professions, why level another toon?
a) because you like their class/race as well and want to PvP/dungeon/raid/collect transmog to play fashion-wow with them sometime
b) Because you want to check out the quests on the opposite faction
I am working on my mage now. TBH I kind of regret swapping from Mage to Paladin for BFA. So, I'm leveling Mage up to have both
My main is 120.

So now I'm leveling my herb/mining gathering Druid alt.

It's something I have to do because Snowfox is engineering/alchemy, which needs a lot of materials gathered which I don't have the ability to do.
I have some in the works, but I haven't touched them since BfA launch. I want to play the new content (obviously) and cash in on the absurd ore/herb prices and hopefully nab a couple tokens while prices are favorable. I'll get back to leveling alts when things simmer down.
Because I'm not rushing.

And because I'm leveling a character with my bf and one with a friend.
I'm leveling alts to 110 to better farm cloth transmogs.
I have multiple alts I want to level, but the scaling makes it feel very unrewarding so I just can't bring myself to investing time or effort into it. I don't think I'll be leveling any new character in this game until it's fixed.
Mine will be parked alts for legion spam for AR runs. really not digging playing innkeeper/dalaran/flight master games to leave bfa...go back to legion and then stone/flight master back to where I left off.

Wq/invasion checks on the alts. If there run them.

If not, back to BFA, play there a bit

check an hour later.

Repeat till they hit.

DH makes this easier. 98 to 110 not that bad a grind imo. And vengeance tanks nice imo.
Yep. My reason is i generally plan to have two equally progressed toons throughout the expansion.

And also because i was so indecisive on deciding on a main, that i figured i would make that decision come raiding time. Whichever of my two classes will be more beneficial to guild raid composition will likely swing the decision on which one will technically be my main
I have 4 110's but I'm in no rush. The Xpac is 3 days old. This is the toon I'm raiding with so the others will come in a few months when I get bored and decide it's time to start playing the AH.
I'm leveling several characters because I still haven't decided which one I'm going to main.

Other than not this one. This one just parks in Deepholme and mines.
I have allied race toons to get to max level, and some classes I don't have at max level like druid, priest, warlock.
1 horde 1 alliance and that's it. 1 horde for RMP and 1 alliance for Godcomp. That's about all I can take.
Once I get this one to 120, yes. Until I can finally unlock Dark Irons
I still can't decide between DH or Pally.

I love my Draenei Prot Paladin. Been Draenei since BC. Cant imagine maining anything else now.
But I absolutely despise Ret paladin as my dps choice... If I do this again not having an offspec I enjoy... I'm gunna go nuts.

I love the doublejump/glide and leaping abilities of the Demon Hunter tanker, and its DPS spec is also awesome fun... but I can't be my Draenei self...
If only... I would swap so quickly the Flash wouldn't be able to keep up.

Levelling both atm to see how I go...
I'm gunna end up main tanker for my guild in a couple of weeks and need to make my decision soon. gunna kill me. :S
A lock cus I wanted to play on Alliance and see their story, a Warrior and Shaman on Horde. No rush though. I've already decided I'm not raiding this expansion, too hard to parse out a few hours when you have other hobbies.
Yes, alchemy & contracts alt minimum. If I'm still playing after that boredom; maybe I'll level the rest of the 110 squad. Running so many mission tables can be time intensive also; not sure if I want to run 46 on main account and another 8-10 if I went beyond that again; it was a lot of mission tables in my life.
I'm probably only gonna level one on each side (until trolls and kultarins unlock) on each side until catch up mechanics start.

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