BFA worst expansion yet?

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08/20/2018 07:05 AMPosted by Pätkane
For as long as WoD exists in our collective memory I don't think it will be usurped.

I had more played time in WoD than BFA at this point.
If it's not there it's close. (personally)
No MOP with that you must complete this before you enter dungeon first. It was so freaking stupid. had to do it on every character. Yes it had good things. But till this day proven ground sucks.
No. Not the worst... and this thread is entirely based on subjective assumptions.

1st person will like this, 2nd person will like this better, 3rd person will like none...

Just play the game... and if you are not having fun, why are you still here? Give constructive feedback on the appropriate channels and move on.
WoD is still the worst. It had the best leveling experience out of all of them though, except the first playthrough of vanilla
08/20/2018 07:04 AMPosted by Doomdill
Am I the only one who thinks this expansion has been overall pretty terrible so far

Most NORMAL people (and even most MMO players) get LESS excited every year that they play the SAME GAME.

So even though every expansion gets better, each new expansion SEEMS worse to those players, because they have been playing 2 years longer.

In Vanilla, you were excited, and ignored the 500 flaws. 10 years later every flaw jumps out at you.

Players expect the game to "get better", and "seem just as new and exciting to me", but that is not possible. No matter how much new content the devs create, it is still the SAME GAME.
kung fu panda will always be the worst expansion. Wod coming in a close second followed by Cata and BFA as an even tie
Top to bottom
1- Wotlk
2- Pandaria
3 -Vanilla
4- BC
5- Cataclysm
6- Wod
7- Legion and BFA ( same spot , both boring and no point )
08/20/2018 07:05 AMPosted by Pätkane
For as long as WoD exists in our collective memory I don't think it will be usurped.

WoD meet Cataclysm. There that's a heck of a lot worse than WoD.

shudders dont speak its name
It's been a crap show since this azerite, ilvl crap was implemented it doesn't scale right in bgs even when you have epic 340 gear you will still get owned with a person in greeen 240 gear like whats the point in getting pvp gear when it feels like it doesn't really matter. Does anyone remember a time when you would grind honor in bgs for that awesome piece of pvp gear from the vendors that felt rewarding? Knowing it would tip the scales in your favor? I do. Not to mention questing does feel tedious,repetitive, and boring since there is no world pvp really anymore every server now is bascially a pve server. I suppose I look at it like this: There are 2 factions that are at war with each other but they rather quest together and only battle in bgs how boring....
It wasn't hard to see from the time it was announced that it wouldn't do well compared to other expansions. It felt like it was made by nine-to-fivers instead of people passionate about their game. It's like they're desperate to get what they can out of who's left by nickel-and-diming our time rather than try and fix the many underlying symptoms.
I'm sorry and I'll probably get hate and flak for it, but in my honest opinion, there truly is NOTHING that sets WoW apart from the myriad of lackluster crapfest MMOs being regurgitated of out Korea on a daily basis. Seriously, stop and take an objective look at the game as it's become in modern day. Aside from it's volume after volume of quite impressive lore, there's literally nothing about WoW anymore that sets it apart. Not mechanics, not graphics, not gameplay, nothing! It's become just like any other MMO out there nowadays and that's truly sad to see. And I think honestly that reason in and of itself is why so many people are so hyped to play Classic WoW. Back then WoW was challenging and innovative. BfA WoW is just yet another of the many MMO clones out there, simply with a high budget and past lore behind it.
Worst? No.

Most boring? Yes.....HELL yes!
BfA does not have Garrisons or Tanaan Jungle. So it can't be worse than WOD.
Blizz can go eat a bag of diks for selling us the utter garbage xpac.

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