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Given all the negativity on the forums surrounding BfA, I just wanted to take minute to thank Blizzard for their work. I haven't had this much fun gaming in a long, long time. It's been great to get online with friends and explore diverse environments, experience some new systems, and overcome new challenges together.

Thank you Blizzard for making Battle for Azeroth such a terrible expansion. In completely breaking my desire in log into World of Warcraft, the primary, and many times only game I would play, you've opened my world back up to games like the Borderlands series, Skyrim, Diablo 3, Dragon Age, and even some modded Minecraft. I actually launched Steam for the first time in ages and started looking at what new, or new to me, interesting games are out there.

Please accept my genuine, sincere thanks for the gaming experience I've had this past week or so. I do still love the Warcraft universe and I truly hope you fix all of the issues with the game in time for the launch of Return of the Lich King.

Have fun everyone, wherever your gaming takes you.

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