5-6 ex mythic raiders looking for a home

Greetings all we are a group of friends that raided Mythic together in Legion. Our guild was on Hydraxis and we killed heroic Argus on 11/29/17 (World 110th). We pride ourselves on knowing our class and performance.

We are looking for a guild for Heroic Raiding, M+, and world PvP. We want to clear Heroic content and have fun.

our group is as follow:
DK Tank (pref)
Holy/Disc Priest
Monk (all roles)
DK (all roles)

As i do realize that adding this many people can change a raid group, we want to start playing with a new guild asap in order to build relationships and integrate into the new environment. Please add me aokiji1551#1128 so we can talk.
Hey Death,

We recently transferred to Sarg to form a guild that agrees with our schedules. feel free to message me in game or on bnet. I have included some information on our guild below.

<Vegetable Trader> is a brand new Alliance guild that has setup shop here on Sargeras. As we are a new guild we are currently recruiting raiders for BFA progression and although we are a new guild we are committed to a quality guild environment that promotes progressive raiding and mythic+. As we progress through BFA our goal will be to quickly clear through Heroic difficulty for each raid and move on to Mythic progression.

So what makes us different from the rest of the guilds on this server? We recognize that WoW is a game and that real life commitments are important. With that being said our goal is to not spend several hours a day jumping into raids and spending hours on end with little to show for it. Therefore we intend on progressing through raids in an efficient manner by maintaining a focused environment that will allow us to maximize our time during raids. By maintaining this environment it will help us ensure that we all have time to raid and enjoy the challenges that will come with quick Heroic clears and eventual Mythic progression.

The qualities we are looking for in our raiders are as follows:

- Great attitude
- Willingness to learn about fights without having to have their hands held
- Proficiency at their class and role

Raid Schedule and Needs:

Thursday: 10:00 pm - 1:00 am EST (9:00 pm - 12:00 am Sargeras Realm Time)
Monday: 10:00 pm - 1:00 am EST (9:00 pm - 12:00 am Sargeras Realm Time)

As you can see we only intend on raiding two nights a week which is in line with our quick and efficient philosophy. As we are a new guild we are accepting all classes and roles, however our goal is to accept players with a history of raiding.

If you are interested please feel free to contact myself or some of our other officers through our contact info below:

Contact info
Battle.net Tag: Falinis#1892
Discord: Falinis#8959

Battle.net Tag: Carp#11402

Scylix - Guild Master
Battle.net Tag: Trear#1391
<The Vent Crew> is looking for a few more raiders to finish out our Mythic team for BFA.

Raiding times are as follows:
Tues 8-11 EST
Wed 8-11 EST
Thurs 8-11 EST

We are currently looking for 1 healer MW/Pally/Druid. We are also looking for a WW Monk, Ret Pally, and assorted ranged. All exceptional DPS will be considered. If you know how to press your buttons and not stand in fire we would love to hear from you. Msg Rabelz#1620 , Richmond#1824 , or Bumps#1773 to chat to see if you'd be a fit.
The Coffee House> is a semi-casual guild that is looking to fill our ranks for BFA raiding.

What we need:
1 Healer - non mistweaver
1 Tank - Non demon hunter
Dps - With off-specs of tank/ healer

Raid Times
Saturday- 8:00pm to 12pm (CTS)

About us:
We are a tight-knit community looking for more members to start Battle for Azeroth progression. We are led by experience raiders and a group of friends who have gamed together for years. We have an active and friendly Discord channel that extends gaming beyond WoW. We regularly run M+, BGs, Arenas, and other content with community members.

Current Progression:
Normal - 4/8
Heroic - 1/8

We encourage anyone interested to contact us. If you are interested contact us through here or in game at:

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