[A] Looking for Semi-Casual Guild

I'm looking for a guild for myself and a couple friends. Let me know if this seems to line up with your guild.

Around 10 or more active members in the 9PM EST to 11PM EST time range on week nights.

Looking for people who aim to win, but do not rage on a wipe. Casual, but derive the most fun from accomplishing difficult tasks.

At level cap, primarily dungeons for progression with maybe some weekend raiding depending on the schedule.

Currently our mains are Priest (Holy), Demon Hunter (Vengence), Rogue

Just wanted to reach out to you, see if we might be a good fit , I see you listed week days but we are looking to be one day a week most likely on sunday nights 7pm garona time which would be 8pm your time with intent on clearing heroic Uldir , most of us have played every expansion and have a head of the curve on most of the legion raids. There are some of us that have been around since vanilla.

you can reach me at Eragonis#1902
just let me know

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