Weekly Quest Giver BFA?

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In the past I have gotten to like the Weekly Quest Giver when it came to getting resources to send followers out on missions. Sadly I am not finding this and have found myself in a scramble searching for resources to send my followers out after purchasing the quests for the flight zones (100 per quest) and the upgrades (another 100 per quest). While I like that this is something that gets done account wide, I am finding it hard to catch up and continue sending out followers and upgrading the ship (hearthstone speed etc). I am curious if anyone has found a Weekly Quest Giver or if the one in Dalaran is now the one for BFA. Figure I will ask while the servers are down so I can find the person (if they exist) upon log in. Hoping it isn't just Island Expeditions and if it is, they should be giving resources as well in my opinion.
You can find it in your adventure guide.
I can't find it either! I've found it easily on my alliance toon, but not on the horde side. Where is it?
09/14/2018 02:32 PMPosted by Gavinius
You can find it in your adventure guide.

<3 TYVM!!!
I feel like everything is easier to find on Ally side rather than Horde side...

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