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I'm taking an extended break where I'll only log on when a war effort emissary is up until my sub runs out at the end of September, since I rushed into paying for an extra month of sub and want the allied races. I'll almost certainly be coming back, but only after I feel what I'll read of WoW across the next several months paints the game as being better than it's current state.

For those of you here to say "Bye can I have your stuff", two things that I want to say before that statement/question is made is that I'm not quitting, so it's not necessarily "bye", and that if you're just here to say "bye" then you can stop reading at this point and just type out your reply to send in.

For those that're genuinely interested in another departure poster's reasons for departing (as well as any blues or devs that read this post), there are several reasons I'm taking an extended break.

#1 - Too Many Important Things are a Grind
  • Allied races? Rep grind with 7th Legion/Honorbound.
  • Unlocking King's Rest/Siege of Boralus? Rep grind with 7th Legion/Honorbound.
  • Higher Heart of Azeroth item level (not level but item level)? Rep grind with Champions of Azeroth.
  • Higher Heart of Azeroth level (not item level but trait unlocking level)? Grinding WQ's or grinding Island Expeditions.

#2 - Leveling Alts Takes Too Long
    For 1-110, not 110-120. For me it's just too long and quest grindy, and especially for a person with limits on how long they can play the game each day.
    With enemy health increased significantly, levels requiring more XP, dungeons not really being worth it for XP anymore, and the only viable XP effecient alternative to grinding quests being PvP (which, low level PvP is something I dislike), leveling has become a much worse grind than it was or than it's ever needed to be.

    As an RP'er, I used to love making alts to see characters I came up with come to life in some form, but knowing I need to take 1-2 weeks to level an alt rather than 2-5 days now has me coming up with character ideas that I quickly throw away because I can't realize them due to not being able to bare the unnecessarily long grind leveling is now. The main problem is 1-80; 80-90 is a little better with the introduction of a few treasures scattered here and there for extra XP (though it should have XP requirements nerfed a little as well), and I'd say 90-110 is fairly alright due to Draenor treasures, Gorgrond elites, bonus objectives, and Legion assaults.

#3 - Max Level Content is Unfun and Repetitive
    As someone that currently has no raid team for Uldir, and doesn't do ranked PvP, the only real options for me to do something other than mythic dungeons, island expeditions, and rep grind in the weeks ahead would've been to do warfronts (for however long they stay interesting) and occasionally do M+.

    The issues here for me are that I don't want to rep grind, island expeditions are not fun and not nearly as rewarding as they should be for how boring and grindy they are, and I'd only occasionally do M+, so if warfronts aren't something that're meant to capture the majority of time spent playing (which I heavily doubt they are), then there's not much for me to actually do that I'd enjoy doing.

#4 - The Heart of Azeroth is a Mess
    If you don't submit to two long grinds, you'll long be locked to only one trait on your azerite armor and remain at a low Heart of Azeroth level, because as I listed above, you are required to do Champions of Azeroth rep grind to actually get decent item level upgrades for your Heart of Azeroth, and you require multiple levels between traits in azerite armor (at least the artifact gave you something with every level you got with it).

    Azerite traits all seem very shallow and don't really change your gameplay much other than force you into certain talents if you get a certain trait (which in and of itself is bad design, as it was with tier bonuses).

Those are the main issues I have. I realized more and more since the 13th of August that I wasn't playing because I was having fun, I was playing because of the investment I have in the game (nine years and over a thousand dollars' worth of money sunk into this game makes you feel trapped sometimes), and when I realized that I spoke to several friends I play WoW with and let them know I'd be taking a break until WoW was in a better state.

I honestly regret paying for an extra month, but it is what it is. This is my departure (for now) post, and I'll hopefully be returning full-time by 8.1. Hopefully. Things have to get better by then for me to do that.

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