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Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether
Hey there! I'm a DPS looking for a chill group to run dungeons with and possibly raid. I'm willing to learn to tank, so long as everyone's patient with me. I'd really like to have fun doing group stuff this expac, so trying to reach out here lol.

I have this 120 Arms warrior and I'm currently leveling my Havoc demon hunter.

I'm not sure what all information is needed, but pop me a message in-game or here; I'd love to run some dungeons with laid-back people!
Hey Jinchou, if you're still looking we might be the guild for you!!!

Message me on Discord (Newy#0922) if you’re interested in a casual Heroic guild. We would definitely have a spot open for you two during our raids if you're willing to DPS. We also run a lot of other things on non raid nights (mythic+, pvp, LFR, WQ quests, xmog runs etc). We are a positive group of guys and gals that like to joke around and have a good time during our raids.

Faction: Alliance
Server: US-Lightbringer
Name: Undeserved
Progress: 7/8 H
Raid Nights: Tues/Thurs at (8-11 PM EST) / Monday Raid is completely optional (8-11 PM EST)

Hello, Undeserved is a casual raiding guild currently progressing through heroic raid content. We would like to start downing the first two or three mythic bosses in future, but w're not doing a full mythic raid clear. We simply don’t have a constant 20+ player attendance for it atm but we are highly skilled, we average around 12-14 raiders at the moment. We are a group of adults with many years of WoW experience, many of us started in Vanilla and have been playing off and on. We raid on two nights a week (Tuesday/Thursday) with a third optional raid night (Monday), usually used for running alts through raids. We are very chill and like to poke jabs at each other through some silly banter throughout the raid night. We ask you don’t take any jokes too seriously as none of it is personal.

Loot is always set to personal, if an item is not kept we simply roll for it and whoever has the highest roll is given the loot. Many guild members also run high mythic+ dungeons throughout the week. We always try to help ensure every member has done at least one high key for their weekly chest. A few of us also PVP quite a bit in BGs and rated Arenas.

What you can except from Undeserved?
-A relax and fun raiding environment-Fair and personal loot, we will never force you to give items away unless you choose to do so.
-Competitive DPS, we do log our raids and many of our members parsing 90% on Warcraft logs.
-Constant raid progress-Good communications via Discord
What we expect from you/requirements
-Age older then 21

-Attend raid nights on Tuesday and Thursday at 8-11 PM EST. (Monday at 8-11 PM EST is our optional raid night, come if you want to if not, no problem)
-Come to raid prepared, this includes bringing your own flasks, potions, and personal food. We often will have feasts provided and guildies are often kind enough to hand out some flasks but you should always come with your own!
-Bring a positive attitude
-Know how to play your class effectively and understand the boss mechanics

If you’re interested, message me here or discord (Newy#0922)

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