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Runetotem and Uther
<GSG> is a family friendly guild on Uther realm, openly recruiting anyone looking for a place to call home! Whether it's Raiding, PVP, Mythic +, etc., We have all types of players represented here!

About Us
Here at <GSG> you won't find just a guild, but an active and family friendly community for ALL TYPES of WoW players. We are about building relationships and having loads of fun in a safe gaming environment. "Wait, does that mean if I swear or act like a fool, I can't join?" BUT OF COURSE NOT! We don't want anyone to be excluded! It just means that within the confines of guild chat or Discord, we try our best to be a respectful, mindful, and inclusive community where anyone can feel welcome. So for those of you who swear like a sailor, just use push to talk :P. We strive to make this a community that even our kids can be included in.

We are openly recruiting any and all classes for our normal and heroic level raid teams. We also have a high level mythic raid team for those who are interested in completing the toughest content in the game!

Mythic Raiding Vision
We will be pushing Cutting Edge level progression at a hardcore level, and we have the the pedigree to do it. With 14 years of experience, 4 World Firsts, and 18 Server Firsts, we have one of the best raid leaders in the business. He will be hand-selecting each and every raid member to create the most productive raid comp possible. We strive to be a raid team filled with individuals that can be an asset to helping us achieve our goals. Noob or vet, show us why you deserve a spot on our team.

We are now building a group of players who are interested in higher levels of PvP competition, and it is currently a work in progress. We encourage anyone with interest in Rated BG's or Arenas to come check us out. Our new PvP Officer has some exciting plans for BFA!

Mythic +
We will be constructing multiple high level Mythic + carry teams, and we want YOU if this is your area of expertise!

If you are interested, OR have any questions about us, contact us
Recruitment Officer: Jaffar#1881
Guild Leader: Ixidor#1961
I'll chime in, here...

Discovered this guild a few months ago. The above is spot-on. This is a great group of folks, with something for everyone from the hardcore to casual-core.

Feel free to contact me as well! I can help!

My GF and I are looking to get out of the pug scene. How active is this guild after 8pm PST? We are in Texas and get on after work at 10pm CST.
any idea on what nights/times raid nights will be?

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