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On my old MacBook Air that I just retired because it can't do Metal, I could swivel the camera viewpoint around by scrolling three fingers on the trackpad. So I could "fly" around and view my toon from all sides, look up to the sky or behind me.

Using 2 fingers controlled zoom (in and out).

On my brand new MacBook Pro, the 2-finger thing still works to zoom in and out, but I can't seem to find whatever setting will let me swivel around to take in the whole landscape.

Note that if I PRESS with 2 fingers, I can AIM my character. This works somewhat as long as they aren't flying or in motion. On a flight path it doesn't hurt anything. But I can't swing around to see them from the front as they turn to wherever I point.

How do I get my 3-finger scroll back so I can view the wide world in 360 degrees?
Just in case anyone out there is having the same issue: I finally figured out that pressing firmly and dragging on the trackpad with one finger is how to swivel the camera so you can look all around.

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