[A] 2 Returning players LF raiding guild

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
Me and a friend are looking to get back into wow/raiding with BFA and are looking for a guild to raid with. Looking to play Fire mage and Prot paladin with heals or ret offspec very flexable to either whichever fits the raid group better.

For questions or interest add Fih113#1992
Nice let me know if you find a guild, i have a group of 3 friends including me already at 120 working on gearing up for raids
I would not mind some new energy and some fresh faces, and our guild will definitely be returning to some raiding this xpac.

If you guys need a stable berth, come check us out. You can PM anyone in Drengskapr that is online, but I am often online, too.

However it goes, best of luck!

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