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You remember a time when the armor you wore and the weapon hanging on your back was a sign of prestige and an instant indicator of your and your guild's accomplishments. You proudly wore your hideous pink and orange armor. You were a raider. Not a hardcore raider or casual raider... a raider... there was only one kind. Maybe you even lead your own raiding guild. You enjoyed the thrill of fighting for server first kills. The thought of wiping on same boss for hours didn't bother you as long as everyone was pulling their weight and you were making progress as a team.

Maybe you even dabbled in PVP. Maybe you did more than dabble and were notorious on your server, running organized groups every day, with people on waiting lists hours long. Or perhaps you enjoyed the thrill of the arena.

But as the game aged, so did you. Raiding schedules were replaced with meeting schedules. Evening raids were replaced by bed time stories. You had to put down your axe and pick up a diaper. One by one, all your friends disappeared, but you're still here, feeling nostalgic... and lonely.

Tired of running with PUGs and praying to get decent players? Lack the time and flexibility to commit to a schedule anymore that any serious guild rightfully expects, but you still have the desire and skills to run high end content with other quality players?

If any of the above resonates with you, <Retired Elitists> might be the community for you.

About: This is a guild-like community for players seeking to do high end WoW content (primarily PVE) but lack the ability or will to commit to a regular schedule that any high end guild rightfully expects. Our recruitment focus is quality over quantity, though our members' skill and experience range from casual to former Mythic raiders.

Faction: Both. We have a Battlenet community for all members, and faction specific sub-communities for grouping, calendar, etc.

1. Don't suck, as a player and as a person. As we're trying to keep this a quality collection of players so nobody's time is being wasted, people who the community feels are not pulling their weight (in terms of skill) will be removed.
2. There are no attendance requirements or expectations, but for more difficult content, preference will be given based on skill, gear and consistency.

Raiding Schedule:
Horde: Fri/Sat 10:30pm-1:30am EST
Alliance: TBD

Raiding Progress:
Horde: 7/8 Heroic Uldir
Alliance: N/A

If you're interested in joining, message an admin or mod on our Discord server ( Note that our Discord automatically removes non-members after they disconnect, so if you're waiting for a response, make sure to stay connected to server, otherwise we will not be able to reply to you (unless you've explicitly allowed messages from everyone).
Already got a few good people, looking for more.
Still looking for more.
We're slowly growing, but always looking for more quality players.
Any similar community Alliance side?
08/19/2018 11:05 PMPosted by Kassane
Any similar community Alliance side?

This is actually a Bnet community (i.e. cross faction), and we have members with characters on both sides, but admittedly so far we are Horde heavy.
I'm at work but would be so down to get involved in this when I get home tonight
Few more have joined our ranks, but you can never have too many good players to group with.
Still growing and still looking for more.
Still growing. Horde side is looking solid already, but we could use more Alliance players. But all skilled players are welcome of course.
We're over 30 members now. Getting ready for raids next week. But we always got room for more skilled players.

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