What would Ion have to announce in his next Q&A to make you happy?

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08/19/2018 11:24 AMPosted by Friedbones
Personally, I would like to see him address the problem with our combat pets turning from amazing damage/aggro holders to wet noodles. My voidie can't even perform at a modicum of how he performed in Legion.

Now I am constantly having to heal him, resummon him or totally swap him out for the felhunter or imp because my voidie can't sustain any measure of damage any longer.

The tool tip actually states: "Summons a Voidwalker under your command, able to withstand heavy punishment." Sorry but that last part about withstanding heavy punishment no longer holds true.

This is also a problem for hunters. Our tenacity pets which are supposed to be small tanks are much more easily killed than previously and require a lot more management.

08/19/2018 11:25 AMPosted by Camshow
08/18/2018 10:01 PMPosted by Oshgaru
Shaman tanks.

That'd be so cool lol

I initially read that as "Sherman tanks" and I thought, yeah, that would be cool. "Say hello to my 76mm, Mr. Raid Boss."
We're reducing the amount of items you have to gather in quests by ten

We're adding more sunshine to the zones

Flying will be 500k gold, pathfinder free

We were just messing with you with those horse and other recolored mounts. We make way to much money to not develop unique ones . XD
No pathfinder. lol

Or, at least pathfinder that only needs rep from the factions and does not require dungeons, raids or PvP.

Then, I would be totally ecstatic.
08/18/2018 10:02 PMPosted by Vyre
  • GCD changes reverted
  • Master loot returned
  • Island expeditions are now actually fun
  • All sources of azerite boosted by 300%
  • Shiv/tranq shot baseline
  • Cut some motherlode trash out
  • this
    Who even cares about Ion's Q&A's anymore? He either cherrypicks non-questions, lies through his teeth, or tells people they're not having fun correctly.
    08/18/2018 10:14 PMPosted by Elmurjfudd
    one thing .....his retirement
    I met him IRL so he's already made me happy. <3
    08/19/2018 11:59 AMPosted by Kimjonglily
    Who even cares about Ion's Q&A's anymore? He either cherrypicks non-questions, lies through his teeth, or tells people they're not having fun correctly.

    Yeah, I used to watch the Q&A's, till I realized that it was just Ion sitting around with his pompous attitude responding to the easiest questions on the planet, while the ones that actually need answering or people are really upset about just get left in the dust.

    Even the CM sits there during the streams and praises Ion's decisions, always trying to spin it like every design decision is some gift from god or something. It's annoying.

    People overtly complain sometimes, sure. But a lot of the complaints have merit, and why would I want to spend an hour watching someone act like they're so incredible and spin everything into some great thing when it isn't, at all.

    In answer to the OP question: ways to grind rep without waiting for damn WQ's to pop up would be nice. Or hell, an actual fix to anything instead of a bandaid or some bs lip service. I don't want the guy to get canned....but either he should start doing his job, or get moved to another section of the WoW team. That's what I wish.
    Classic release date... unless its really far away in which case I might not be happy about it.
    - gcd changes reverted

    - leveling fixed, WoD is painful - mobs have twice the hps of any of the other expansions

    - transmog opened, I see no reason why my hunter can wear a little chain belt but my mage can't.

    - no more gating cooking and story line quests in dungeons/raids. I get why the end of stories are in raids, that makes sense. But gating professions behind dungeons, even if they make the excuse "plausible", still ends up gating professions. For everyone who screams this is world of WARcraft, guess what, this is the world of warCRAFT as well. Crafters don't insist that raiders have to do "craft a gazillion pieces of this before you can raid", I don't see why something I want to do has to be gated behind something I'm not capable of doing.

    There's more, but that's a nice start.
    Would be excited to hear that they would bring back the wotlk dev team to take over. One could always hope.
    His resignation
    Saying that he now would like us to play Demonology
    World of Starcraft / World of Diablo.

    I'd throw cash at the screen for those.
    His resignation.
    no rep on ally races

    retroactively adding flying to all past xpac (no more WOD or legion pathfinder)

    Classic release date

    less pruning more adding fun new abilities
    08/18/2018 11:32 PMPosted by Hàrland
    Removal of pathfinder and just a flat 10k gold fee or something to unlock flying.

    Have not purchased BfA because of the lack of flight.

    Won't even consider it until the terms and timing are defined.

    Sub stops in Oct, and as it doesn't look like flight will be a thing until Spring 2019, is hard to imagine I will still care by then.
    Buff Firemage damage.
    -lightbound orcs and high elves will be the alliances next AR's
    -Paladins get's a 4th spec, a ranged weapon spec using the light to embue the ammo to damage or heal.
    -Night elves can now be paladins.
    -Shamans get's a 4th tank spec
    -Saurfang joins the alliance.
    08/18/2018 09:57 PMPosted by Echõ
    The biggest gripe is tying Allied races to Legion reputation. Get rid of those stupid requirements and most people will be happy.

    No. It’s a reward for playing legion. The new allied races are off BFA rep. If you didn’t do it in legion too bad. Lore wise why would the nightbourne help you if you haven’t ever met them or helped them? Oh god the logic is crazy right?

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