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As title says i Myself and a friend are looking for a weekend Casual guild PvE. Prefer raids on weekends due to schedules.

I Myself am ilvl 341 Frost Deathknight and climbing. My friend is a Feral druid hes new to WoW raiding in general we raided in other games like FFXIV and such.

I myself have played since Vanilla and have done plenty of server firsts but im stepping back from being a hardcore mindset to the casual so i can enjoy it with friends and fun people i hope i meet soon in a guild. Feel free to message here or in game Pulze-Arygos or my discord Pulze#2225 blizzard is Pulze#1459

Good Morning, Pulze! Just setting this out there that we're a casual raiding guild (with a get s**t done mentality) who full cleared heroic content in the previous expansion and are looking for people to join our raiding squad. I know you are asking for weekends, but I am wondering if something like Tues/Thurs around 730 server (which is 830EST) until around 1030 server would be a possible fit in for you? You can contact me at Shinigasumi#1413 (my battle tag) or on Discord at Shin#5563.

We'd love to add you and your newer friend to our raiding squad (and if you know any healers, that'd be even better! Haha).

If the times aren't good for you at all, then best of luck with your search! :)
i so much don't mind but my friend has collage hes doing and work pretty much all week long so weekends is his free time. We both are late 20s so we are looking for a laid back guild with no drama also forgot to put that in the post. Not sure if you guys offer that also.
Contact me in Discord (at Shin#5563) or in game and we'll talk. No one likes drama at all, and we try to keep it out of the guild as a whole - it's hard to have zero drama in a game filled with unique and independent personalities like this game is filled with. I understand the college grind, did it myself a long time ago - it sucks under the best of circumstances, but is always worth it!

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