[A] <DHC> 3/8M 8/8H lf mages and D priest

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Dragon Hat Collective>[A-Nagrand] is a tight-knit raiding guild that formed shortly after the release of Antorus. After a successful first tier together growing from wiping on Normal to 8/11 Mythic, we're gearing up to be on the cutting edge of content in BFA with current prog at 8/8H and 3/8M

We aim to be a semi-hardcore guild that works smarter, not harder. We want to build a fun, progression-focused culture where players aim to improve and get the most out of their class while only raiding two nights a week. We're pretty chill and pro-banter, with plenty of non-raid activities happening on offnights.

Raid schedule:
Wednesday 7:30pm - 11pm
Sunday 7:30pm - 11pm

Player expectations:
90%+ attendance - it's only two nights, we need you there!
Willingness to learn and improve
Capable of taking advice and working with others
You want to have fun whilst being good at video games

Recruitment needs

Mages (any spec)
Disc Priest
If your class/spec isn't listed feel free to talk to any officers and see what we can do for you


Interested in joining or just want some more information? Feel free to contact:
ruscur#3578 on Discord - I'm on Discord pretty much 24/7.
Unsettled#1638 on Battle.net - Drae (officer), Drae (Unsettled)#9762(discord)
GottaBeFresh#11849 on Battle.net - Bearpis (officer)
Roster looking pretty solid but room for more exceptional players
LF locks and rogues <3
Still after Locks and rogues <3
1/8M 6/8H with a good chance of killing more tonight. Looking for Melee DPS especially rogue and a lock
Mythrax down and G'huun falling sunday, still looking for melee (esp rogue) and a lock

1/8M 8/8H

LF MDPS especially rogues and DH
Bump 2/8M

LF Havok Demon Hunter
very in need of a Demon Hunter, please get in touch guys I want to do 5% more damage thanks
bump. Still looking for DH
Added you on discord. 370 DH
LF good players. Roster looking solid but still room for good players
Bump. Where are the mages and disc priest at?

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