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08/30/2018 04:36 PMPosted by Paingame
Rofl bro am I to understand you buy tokens to sell for gold, then complain about others buying tokens to sell for gold? What is your point here?

No, What I'm trying to point out in the end, if it's true, is that it's pretty sad if the reason why the tokens have lowered so much, is because people are mass-buying them just so they can buy the BoE Gear off the auction house; While 2-3 months from now, that gear will be useless when higher tier gear from mythics/raids are released. And Also as I said - Their money, not mine

I'm no expert on this whole token/ah thing, I just wanted to share my opinion

edit: basically just saying if that's the case, earn the gear... don't "buy" with real cash. but again.. their money, decision, not mine
the prices will go back up in 3 months or so anyways. I actually just bought 6 tokens with gold when they were 110k. I don't care much for using gold for gear besides maybe the trinket on 2 characters like fathoms for my DH.

A lot of people are also using gold to raise their professions instead of using gold on sub time. So, the people aren't wanting to use their gold at the beginning of the xpac for tokens since they have saved them up or wanting to spend it on gear or what not.
Yes I would hope sometime soon, like 3-4 weeks, that they will atleast go back up to 150k. If not, it's whatev, we can't control it
I really-really doubt people are buying gear with tokens. That would require 4-5 tokens a slot.

People are buying tokens to boost up their professions early in the expansion. Mats are super expensive and hard to farm when you're trying to gear up, so they buy tokens and just buy the mats off the AH.

The people buying BOEs for 500k are AH barons, and smart people that focused on farming mats early in the expansion so they could sell them high and get all your token gold for free.
Spend several hundred k on an item then you get better within a week and scrap it. Way to go.
08/30/2018 06:16 PMPosted by Ragequitten
Spend several hundred k on an item then you get better within a week and scrap it. Way to go.

lol exactly, now put this in mind, if they spent 20$ to get the gold, bought the item, 3 days later run a Mythic and that same slot Titanforges ;)
Meanwhile i've been sitting back and taking massive advantage of the low gold prices. Got myself about 3 race changes, some new stuff in heroes of the storm, and 2 co-op commanders in SC2.

I say keep buying those tokens with money.
The 5 million gold mount brought down token prices by 100k+.

Mythic+ carries on Tuesday and new demand for warfront quest mats will bring them down by another 20k-30k.

The only thing that makes tokens increase in value is boring stagnation.
Buy more tokens and irk the hell out of entitled chillun'.
ppl saying "not worth the price at current value"

did you guys/girls not see the tiem that 20k was the acceptable value?

the 200k was HIGH.

reason ti was high was becasue nobody bought em anymore so demand was so high.

now that peopel buying them they went back to "normal" values.

If you dont like the price, dont buy a token. Others will.
It's simple the price went down due to mission table nerfs (less gold in players pockets). With a dozen alts in legion it was simple to farm the gold and buy a token. I did that like crazy the last few month and converted to balance.
That method has dried up for now.
Legion and wod were cash cows when it came to easy gold log in set mission maybe do 1 or 2 WQ easy 5k+ BFA has none worth bothering with and ah is dead so yea grim days a head.
don't worry. i'm using my gold to buy tokens while they are super cheap right now, although I'm nearly capped on bnet balance.
gold income is lower than last expansion but gear costs like 300k
08/30/2018 04:05 PMPosted by Zonthu
Ok so, For the longest time I was against this - I was like "Man WoW Tokens are at like 160k and still rising..Jeeze that is way too high"

Now, my mind has completely changed and it's like Wtf, I want to buy some wish Cash, but for like 115k? That is nearly not worth it

So, Is the reason why Tokens are lowering so much is because people are BUYING Gear with CASH?

FYI and sorry to break it to ya, but if that's the case, you are wasting your money.

Watch in 3 months from now, that your precious 350 item lvl gear pieces become useless when higher raids/mythic+'s get released, and all that 60, 80, 100$ you spent on tokens just to BUY gear instead of earn it, will become useless.

I'm sure anybody that is reading this doesn't do it, but Yes just wanted to share my opinion on that, and if i'm right about if that's the reason tokens are so low now.

As I said, I used to love seeing the price this low, Than I started buying them and buying rare items to add to my collection and such, but this definitely cannot be the issue if it's lowering this much. It has to be people "Wanting to be the top dog" and buying gear with Cash.

Whatever though, their money, not mine

edit: some spell errors
thanks for reading

Supply & should have bought them at their high
08/30/2018 04:22 PMPosted by Akston
Token price is going down because the gold is drying up


Missions are the gold spigot. For now, it looks like that firehose of gold may have permanently slowed to a trickle. We're in a sort of deflationary cycle - will be interesting to see how it ends.

Unless someone sees some other way that large amounts of gold are being generated by the game. I haven't yet.
So your problem with wow tokens is people are using them as intended and its made them less than you deem profitable in trading rl money for fake currency?

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