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General Discussion 315? lol
Guess it depends on the class, for me it didn't start feeling like I was getting anywhere until I started gearing up in mythics, now it's pretty quick to blaze through WQs.

But yeah....weeks of grinding to reach 315? You should be 285-310 in just a couple days even just playing really really slowly, especially if you're leveling a profession along side it.

With a couple weeks you should be well past 315.
08/30/2018 10:43 PMPosted by Yura 315? lol

I said I know the game is a grind, thanks for your intelligent input though.
08/30/2018 10:55 PMPosted by Hellstorrm
08/30/2018 10:43 PMPosted by Yura 315? lol

I said I know the game is a grind, thanks for your intelligent input though.

If you "grinded" for a couple of weeks and are only 315 that's what he's laughing at. You can hit 305 in a day without touch the AH or dungeons, and hit 315 by the end of the next day through heroics.
08/30/2018 09:04 PMPosted by Hellstorrm
Played a DH to 120 and my ilvl is about 315 and everything feels the same as when I had mostly greens at 110.
I'm 340 and WQs are pretty quick now. It definitely takes some time to get going this xpac.
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Statistically, things stopped scaling with your level when you hit 120. From now on, any increase is going to put you above higher and higher what HP totals trash and dungeons have. It's always been silly to assume we'd be one-shotting trash like we're walking through Classic raids at max level, but we're still statistically grinding beneath our heel everything now.

If you need to feel good and powerful, try a Normal dungeon. You'll see the difference. (Said as a 345 tank.)

Actually I don't think that's correct. I believe mobs scale with you roughly every 10 points of ilevel even if they do it slowly. During the interview / Q&A video they put up not too long ago they talked about that to some extent.

I think the problem is with some classes being inherantly weaker than others and not scaling as well. This is why you get such mixed reports, going from "not noticing anything" to "OMG I was getting decimated by stuff at 120 I could handle at level 110".

Enough has been said where I think the problem should be obvious by now. It should be one of Blizzard's top priorities to fix, because they are going to need people to want to level alts to keep their subscription money coming in.
You should see when you hit ilevel 330. Mobs damage and health take another jump. Unfortunately, I still have a 310 weapon after doing multiple mythic runs.

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