[h] LF Early Evening Heroic Guild

Blackhand and Galakrond
Good evening everyone!

First off, I'm not looking for a new guild for my main. Recanna is going to be remaining with Obscure as I am very happy there. :)

However, my boyfriend and I would like to raid together on our off nights. He lives in London so the raid times need to be earlier than most guilds raid. We are available from about 4pm-8pm server (CST) on all days except Wednesday and Sunday. We are hoping to find a guild aiming to clear heroic for AoTC.

Currently he is playing a warlock (blackhand/littledalek) and is almost geared enough to start this upcoming week. I plan on dragging him through mythics to get him over the 330 mark. I do not currently have a second toon leveled however I have most classes at 110 and can get one raid ready ASAP. Basically, tell me what you need and give me 2-3 weeks to level and gear and you'll have it. In the meantime, to hold my spot I'm willing to run on Recanna (ret or holy) even though I might be lootlocked.

If you're interested and would like to chat message me in game at recanna#1260.
Your holy pally is very shiny. I have no options for you but - I just wanted to say that.

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