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What's the point of having it on if the ratio of Horde to alliance is like 100:1? Every World Quest has 10-20 horde at it with alliance bodies littered everywhere. No point in having it on. Great design there Blizz!!!! Pat yourselves on the back.
in b4 get gud comments
World pvp isnt supposed to be balanced
It isn't any different from regular WPvP. I find the issue is on both sides with roving bands of gankers. I've had my Horde and Ally jumped by 5+ and only a few times did I have a 1v1. The few that actually came at me alone and not when I was half dead were Ally attacking my Horde. But still, 99.9% have been gang attacks from WPvP heroes too afraid to risk losing. There isn't any way to change this because most WPvP'ers are cowards.
World PvP has always been that way. Numbers are king.
Welcome to World PvP since forever.
I understand the frustration - it can get so frustrating when Horde camp the world quests. I logged off once because I could not get my body back - they just kept killing me as I tried to run away and when I came back an hour later they were still there.

But, that's Warmode. I'm not surprised - it's expected but it still doesn't make it any less frustrating. Eventually people won't care about the Warmode bonuses and the people who camp like discussed will have no one to camp.

I admit to feeling such glee when I see Horde complaining about it in GD.
ummm, since I've been playing world pvp has mostly been about large numbers ganking smaller numbers
Cry me a river.
Faction imbalance is a problem that's been going on for a decade. Activision Blizzard doesn't care to fix it because they make money from server transfer services.
Wpvp has always been imbalanced

The only difference is in warmode your characters are not stuck on your server /shard anymore, you can opt out
You get used to it. You learn to avoid the masses, or divert where you can.

/Alliance Laughing Skull Native/Used to Horde Dominate numbers/
I leveled my warrior and DH through WM in the last week, about 60 alliance were camping the necropolis in nazmir know what I did? I turned it off for a couple of hours until they finished up and then went back and turned it back on to finish leveling to 120. It's a choice not a demand to play in WM I barely noticed the difference between being in it and not, I think the biggest difference is the fact I can probably get to 117 or so in one zone in WM whereas it takes me 1.5 zones to get the same without....seriously, you aren't forced to do it and it will not (should not) ever be balanced because it is open world, you knew what you were getting into when you clicked that buff on.
You really shouldn't be crying about Horde numbers. I had a guildie who needed help who was not in Warmode so I went to Org quick and turned it off and went to Drustvar to help.

The sheer amount of Alliance with Warmode off was amazing! I thought "if these guys turned on Warmode Kul'Tiras would be on permanent lock-down with no Horde getting out of the gate.

Don't get me wrong, there are indeed bands of marauding Alliance out for Horde blood - I know they have shed mine on more than a couple occasions.

Then i come and see these posts on the boards.

Don't whine about Horde domination, whine to your fellow Alliance who are too afraid to turn Warmode on - that's your REAL issue.
Agree, which is why I turned my Warmode off last night.

Just too many Horde 120's in 300+ ILvl gear killing me.

Just not worth having it turned on.
It sucks if you spent a fortune to move toons to a server where your faction had an advantage.

What happens on those servers if you are on the losing side of that ratio you quit the game or move servers.

With warmode what will happen is a bunch of alliance will get sick of being farmed by horde in warmode and disable it. Now the ratio of horde to alliance in warmode will go from 2:1 to 3:1 and 4:1 and the alliance who still haven't disabled warmode will have an ever harder time.

In WoTLK in wintergrasp if there was an imbalance one faction received a buff. If there is a 3:1 horde to alliance ratio in a zone the alliance still standing should get a damage and mitigation buff to compensate so the imbalance doesn't just spiral.
It's a never-ending cycle. Most people want some degree of a fair fight, and if it is imbalanced, they'll opt out. Which, of course, creates further imbalance. It's why PvP servers largely ended up being lopsided, because it's sort of inevitable.

You have to have a lot of willpower to want to jump in and correct an imbalance, and it will only happen if enough people do it. Just hard to convince enough people to risk wasting time getting stomped in the hopes others will join to even the numbers out.
I don't really understand the complaints considering I've been stomped on by big alliance groups and raids before, the only difference is I didn't complain about it on the forums.

Here's a picture from a few nights ago:

As you can tell, it's not just Horde. The problem is through group finder and sharding issues I think. Group up with finder, do all the WQs or farm for achievements.

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