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Darrowmere and Windrunner
Hello All,
I know someone did this in the past but that was years ago and everything has changed. The in-game guild search is lacking to say the least with many listings still there for inactive guilds so I want to create a post to try to make a list of currently active guilds. I know "request sticky" isn't a thing anymore but I read that the CM could make it sticky at their discretion.

I will do my best to keep everything updated but I am only one person. Please respond to this post with the format below and I will edit this post to include the list.

[A/H] <Guild Name>
Raiding: (Hardcore/Casual/Semi/None/etc.)
Description: (Try to put something brief about your guild but as unique as possible to help people better find a guild that's right for them)
Average Age: (20s, 50s, 25-40, adults, teens, etc)
Guild Rating: (PG, PG-13, Teen, 18+, etc)

Thanks everyone, I hope this will be helpful for our realm.
Clawick, this is a lot of maintenance for something that is basically done automatically on WOW Progress. It might not have been around when you played before, but it's been a great tool for guilds/players to get current information!

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