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A lot of mission table and world quests wherein the reward is additional bonus rep by 100-250, could we instead start getting these as Bind to Account tokens to send alts (assuming we're already exalted with said factions)?
So I got 7th Legion exalted yesterday & now mission table & WQ rep rewards just go to waste. You fixed this problem in Legion with BoA tokens & paragon boxes. Now for some reason you decided to un-fix it in BfA.

I wouldnt be suprised if these returned in 8.1, but I still dont understand how this was just skipped for launch... unless you were rushing to make the release date, which seems likely.
I hit exalted with 7th Legion yesterday as well. Where are the account wide reputation tokens like we had in Legion?

Now we are left with a system that offers no reward at all for doing world quests that offer reputation when you're already exalted.

At least if we still had a body guard that gave us extra gold for doing WQs it would have some value.
I'm guessing all the negative feedback on the rep grinding required for the paragon mounts made them not add the boxes this time. Even though it was a perfectly good use of 'excess' rep.
I hit Exalted with honorbound and yes rep missions do not give BOA rep tokens that can be sent to your alts.

very poor lack in programming especially since this was already in place with legion. waste of resource sending these missions out - if you are exalted then at least make sure the missions dont appear on your table.
Its not just the missions and WQs it's also the rep items you get from islands that can't be traded to alts either...

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