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Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and The Venture Co
Alliance Council is a community for people who like roleplay and PVP - in other words, the people who originally came to RPPVP servers because they were RPPVP servers. We welcome all who like to play in character and like to play with war mode enabled.

Alliance Council is intended to help facilitate:

- Finding war mode groups for game content, something that is becoming more and more necessary as Horde invaders overrun Kul Tiras.

- Allowing alliances of small RPPVP guilds to join together to tackle content requiring larger numbers of players, possibly including eventual raiding beyond the raid finder level.

Send a /tell to any <Huntress> member in game and they will find someone to invite you. Any guild leaders who join will be given invite privileges so they can invite the rest of their guilds.

Short version: if you play Alliance in character and have war mode on, join Alliance Council.
Alliance Council is growing, slowly but steadily. For example, today members from three guilds formed two different groups that went into, and won, six battlegrounds, with no losses, getting everyone concerned their first normal and epic battleground wins of the day for Conquest. Other members also grouped for 3v3 arenas.

If you or your guild is interested in joining Alliance Council, contact any member of <Huntress> or <Knights of Arathor>, or any other council member with invite privileges.
Answering the Call to Arms in Tiragarde now. Look us up in game if you want to join us. Edit: done.
Held the Terrace of the Devoted for close to an hour, satisfying everyone's Call to Arms and getting Sulime her Horde Slayer. Now I need it too!

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