Engineering - no use for Sanguicell?

So there seems to be recipes for EVERY SINGLE crafting profession that makes armor, EXCEPT Engineering.


Why does Engineering feel like it was just tacked on at the last minute? We can't do anything useful. Had I known this I would have sold that million gold worth of materials I farmed to level it up.
You are not alone, eningeering is such a mess right now, nothing in the profession is worth using at all and is hands down the worst prof to level.

Im 134 and i need like 80 explosum or what ever, to get to 150.
Bombs are a DPS loss to use, since they have a cast timer, and can only be used once.
The mount is ungodly difficult to make, and provides nothing unique. No feature, no new skeletal model. Its just a junk rat skinned mimirons head.
Our azerite detector for followers costs FIFTY FREAKING EXPLOSUM.
We dont get pets.
Our goggles are out geared by mythics and now out geared by catch up gear. The AZ traits on the goggles are horrible to boot as well.
Our tinkering has been stripped down to a shield, a crappy invisible only usable outside of combat, and a knock back, which that one is alright i guess.

We are also 1 of the 3 crafting professions that CANT use Sanguicell at the moment. ENG, JC, and Enchant, cant use it, we cant trade it, we cant sell it, its worthless for us. Even worse, there is not even any data mined plans for engineering goggles to make at least raid tier gear.

Tl;Dr, engineers are screwed over in BfA just as if not worse then JC's
I don't believe Inscription has a use for it either.

Only Tailoring, LW, and BS.

All of which are BoP so if like me you are a leather class that has Tailoring/Enchanting, you're sufficiently boned.

Blizz seems to have a colossal case of cranial rectoritis lately.
I really wanted to upgrade my goggles :( I will be sad to get rid of them, but I don't have much choice.
I have to agree with all of the above. We can only make two types of weapons, a mace and hunter range weapon. We can make range enchants, but can't use them on is a Wand a range weapon or something different? Personally, I feel engineers should be able to make unique weapons that can only be used by engineers regardless of class.

As for tinkering belt enchant (and where is the cloak enchants?), the lower level enchantments are superior. All the CD for BFA engineering enchants are too long (10 minutes?), should be 1-2 minutes. The shield enchant is weaker than the Pandaria Grounded Plasma Shield (which is superior in every way). None of these enchants should have more than a 3 minute cooldown. A 10 minute CD is only usable once in a Battle Ground or a chance encounter.

I would like to point out that without Engineering in the real-world, this game wouldn't exist. Maybe show a little more respect for this profession.
Engineering is a worthless profession. All it does is save you on gliders. You would be better off just having a alt with engineering to get what you need from it. Helm is worthless. Mount pattern never drops and the materials needed are a nightmare to collect.

It is a time sink and money sink with a cool looking mount at the end of the nightmare as a reward. NOT WORTH IT AT ALL!!!
09/06/2018 05:13 AMPosted by Furyeon
It is a time sink and money sink with a cool looking mount at the end of the nightmare as a reward. NOT WORTH IT AT ALL!!!

If by "cool" you mean a junk rat skinned mimirons head, yeah sure lol.
Would be nice if the sanguicell could be scrapped for a chunk of expulsom... would at least make it feel more rewarding than, "Wow! Boss dropped a purple! oh just another 1 gold turn in..."
I still wouldn't sell them :( just sit on them, they will eventually put some stupid vendor to buy ore.....
09/05/2018 09:46 AMPosted by Khlorós
You are not alone, eningeering is such a mess right now, nothing in the profession is worth using at all and is hands down the worst prof to level.


You clearly have not made the rocket boat, but yea it's the only thing thats actually useful.
Blizz stop giving me garbage like the legendary upgrade item from Argus
Scope enchants are worth something as my hunter pals appreciate them. And the portable stables. And the fashionistas who need to mog in an instance. I look at engineering in it's totality and not just once expansion.
Adding upgraded goggles that use this resource seems like a no-brainer for engineering. I am also a scribe which is in a bad place as well. There should be a BoP int/agi Staff as well for inscription.
I'm sure there will be vendors coming, like the bloods in legion
I just spent a ton to get my 340 goggles, and found that for some silly reason I can't craft my way higher.... why? If the answer is "because it's Azerite" then well I can't say that makes a lot of sense... please shine some light?
I've been debating hard whether it's worth trying to hold out for some better plans in the future or whether I should just go ahead and bite the bullet and grab Leather working. It just sucks cause I spent so much time farming all these old world recipes, but part of me feels like it's not a good enough reason to keep it anymore, especially when I just get disappointed seeing that other professions can make more useful things and better.
engineering blows. they couldn't even bother to make a new model for our goggles.
Well that blows I just made the goggles all happy I was gonna get a cool upgrade and put in a ticket then I look to check online and I see this makes me sad why make them for 1 profession and not for other professions at all #MakeENGGREATAGAIN!
They'd better make a vendor for it (ala the blood of sargeras trader from Legion) since there are a bunch of professions that don't use it but still get it :(
Levelled engineering without looking at much and discovered... everything is basically crap or a rehash of crap we already had. My daughter prob has more fun with Hello Kitty thing she plays. In Warlords expansion made all my alts a lootarang... only for it to be nerfed and made a toy. GG when this sort of crap keeps happening. Put a lot of cd's and effort into it early like a lot of people I know. Hunter pet can still have fetch... so what's the big deal if others can make an expensive item to do the same thing.

Was saving to make the goggles... but oh oh... scored a pair of 340 ones from the 1st lfr I did so I guess no need now especially since the model is a rehash of older ones. It's like the rep gear.... by the time I've got the rep for the gear it's useless and outdated. Makes you wonder about the people designing all these fail things and proves that just because your game has neat graphics etc it does not mean the fun factor is automatically there.

Remember the shadow weave set from BC? That was fun to make and lasted me most of the expansion. People don't mind collecting a dozen different materials to make stuff if the end result is worth it... but in the past few expansions crafting has only been good for shards, dust, etc.

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