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Battle for Azeroth Items and Classes
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09/06/2018 01:18 PMPosted by Arempy
Healer specialization mana regeneration reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players

Seems to have reduced mana regen in battlegrounds into negatives for healers... Mana pool drains to 0 before the gates open and never fills back up. Trying to win pvp using purely melee as a healer, I'm finding is highly ineffective
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09/06/2018 02:31 PMPosted by Shootyshooty
09/06/2018 01:18 PMPosted by Arempy
-Phantom Assassin (PvP Talent) increases critical strike chance by 10%, down from 35%.

35-10 is 25, not 10.


I said 35% down TO 10%. *Not* down BY 10%. Read again.
Ya'll got any of them... destro buffs?
zero mana now in pvp.... basically running around the entire game unable to do anything... working as intended?
i want to know whose job is it to look at all the whiners on the forums and balance via that, this is a joke. Just come out with burning crusade servers as they were so you can guys can't mess it up like your track record shows.
I am now thoroughly convinced that Blizzard purposely nerfs classes into the ground on a rotating basis. Probably inflates the time played metric because of all of the people forced to re-roll.

Side note: you now cannot trust your spells and ability tooltips in-game. Especially when PvPing. Blanket damage reduction and -30% mana regen "when engaged in combat with enemy players"? What is even the logic behind these changes?
Wtf is this !@#$. Why nerf these classes so hard? For once the damage feels good, buff the underperforming classes and quit nerfing. It’ll end up like legion where everyone just hits like a wet noodle and we’re back to reliant on cooldowns to do anything again.
They didn't even post all of the nerfs. And why wouldn't you do all of the changes at once you morons?

Why even talent into killing spree in pvp, I thought the idea behind this expansion was to let the players decide what they want to play. That was the one talent on that level that I liked using for bgs, now I have hot garbage. Knee jerk reactions by Blizz yet again.
To the Arms warriors already crying:

Man up. Your damage is bonkers in arena and you're going to get capped just like the rest of us. BM hunters too.

Arcane azerite deserved the nerf. The frost stuff seems stupid. It's not like frost is good in arenas because of their massive damage.
Does this apply to all brackets? Last week individuals were doing more dps than people have health. I gave up on the lvl 20 bracket. Very hesitant to even try the 30 bracket. Even when twinking was a thing, you couldn't kill this fast.
It feels like frost mage got nerfed just because of RMP, but guess what blizzard, mages don't just want to play RMP. A nerf to rogue would have been enough. Yet again forced into one, maybe two comps that I can play that actually work.

Thought the pvp devs learned their lesson about doing big 15-20% nerfs by now - it can kill a class entirely. What happened to nerfing 3-5% at a time?
Not only going to nerf disc but also take away every healers mana ..
All this "when engaged in combat with enemy players" caveat is really destroying the enjoyment of this game, I suspect not only mine. If we're doing too much damage, buff the health pools of mobs/bosses. Or find another solution. Make this a singular world, this World of Warcraft. Make it seamless. Let things play out; stop reflexively nerfing classes. Listen to the playerbase. Get some institutional/historical knowledge; know where classes have come from since Vanilla, respect and have fidelity to the original vision. Stop trying to equalize outcomes, or at least don't rely just on numbers to tell you how to balance these classes. (Achieving parity in numbers between Arms and Fury warriors in PvP/arena may look good on paper, but you can't gauge enjoyment through that metric. People may just *reluctantly* be playing a spec because it's better in PvP. There may be specs that PvPers gravitate to especially because they are functionally different, but by nerfing specs you're forcing people to do what they don't want to do, play specs *cough Outlaw* they'd rather quit the game than play. Parity in numbers is the false move, the wrong goal, the misguided metric.) Remember Mute when he said "Rock, paper, scissors". Balance does not mean homogeneity.
Can we please get any explanation for why you make the changes you do? I feel like nerfs should all be posted in advanced and discussed with the community regarding pvp. Especially since some of them make almost no sense.

Why is there a 30% flat reduction in mana regeneration when some classes are going to be significantly more affected by it then others?

Why do you guys just come out with HUGE nerfs and never change things incrementally? Why do you almost always go to reducing classes abilities instead of buffing classes you think are weak?

Why is there never any explanation for any of the changes? Blizzard employees constantly complain about the feed back on the forums being negative/subjective, even though subjective feedback is often times actually useful and relevant for if nothing else then pointing out where you should look.

You'd probably receive a lot more positive and constructive feedback if you just communicated your reasons for things and your justification.

Assassination is a perfect example of blizzard design philosophy, it was extremely strong during beta/prepatch, tons of rogues playing it in arena. Then, one week you come out with huge nerfs. Now I've seen almost no assassination rogues and most players say its not worth playing. Was that the actual goal? Did you intentionally not want anyone to play it in PvP? You haven't made any adjustments to it since the nerfs so it seems like thats actually the case. But why? Now sub gets some significant nerfs, no justification or reasoning.

BM/Arms/Disc nerf put off later? Why? Did you know about these other classes potentially being stronger and had nerfs prepared? Is it a suprise that arms and BM are "overperforming"? What even is the definition of over performing? Highest number of forum complaints? Statistics from actual arena matches? Number of players on those classes in high brackets? Not sure what to change on them? If the latter is the case why do they get more consideration than the classes nerfed today?

Outside of the ridiculous azerite trait stacking none of these nerfs feel like they make a particularly large amount of sense. Hopefully you can understand why making large changes like these can feel very bad for many people when they essentially feel like their spec/something they've spent weeks working on is now potentially no longer viable or why people might be worried their spec is about to ruined with statements like "over performing specs will be adjusted soon"
09/06/2018 02:35 PMPosted by Battlecruisr
09/06/2018 02:31 PMPosted by Mogrim
I'm cool with you nerfing my damage, but you'd better buff my self-sustain because Arms Warriors are a 1 trick pony right now, and if you take away our 1 trick then we're left with 0 tricks.

We'll have 0 tricks left.

If you want sustain you roll fury

That is not the solution and it does not help those that play arms.

Arms needs to go back to the way it once use to be, where the damage was in the mortal strike Debuff and they actually had self healing and various defenses.

Through the eyes of an Arms warrior this game is getting pretty stupid.
Great changes.
I was tired of getting killed in a single stun by warriors and pallys. Rogues definitely needed some changes, and i don’t play rogue, but it looks like it might be a lot of nerfs. Mages needed some changes, can’t say if it was the right ones.

Far and away what needed nerfs is disc priests. i’ve hammered them with everything popped, even cooldowns, as the allegedly OP BM hunter, and couldn’t kill them. their survivability is way wayyyyy too strong. above all specs in the game, it was and IS disc that needed it most of all.

Totally curious as i haven’t done a single arena in BFA, what’s the problem with BMs? stacking damage traits and trinks? BM felt strong but not really OP, but from what it sounds like, people in arenas are getting chewed up. what’s wrong with BM?

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