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Moon Guard
Totally not in a cult right now.

Went to the job faire a couple days ago and unfortunately wasn't able to find what I was looking for, so I thought I may as well try here. Here's a copy/pasta of his character profile:

Aran Dacey is best described as a man of few words and significant actions.

While his looming height would be plenty enough to get him noticed, he prefers to stay in his own little bubble and live vicariously through observation. His posture is often rigid and formal, as are any conversations he manages to stumble into. Aran is proudly a death knight and makes no effort to hide it. He is not ignorant to the fact that his very existence is a blight on all things holy and natural, nor is he unaware of what his brethren have been doing on the broken isles.

Aran isn't often found outside of his armor, as he feels no need for comfort or 'fitting in' to the crowd. All of said armor is very well-worn, but has also had considerable maintenance done on it. While his hair no longer grows, what remains has been carefully tended to and trimmed to a standard, simple military cut. While pale from undeath, Aran is well preserved and appears to take great pains to remain so save for his thrice-broken nose that never seems to be sitting in the same place twice.

While his stoic nature can be off-putting, he shows a clear respect towards anybody he meets. He doesn't suffer fools gladly however, and has few qualms about telling you like it is. Feel free to approach if you wish, he won't bite your head off. He just.. might not be very good at talking about the weather.


To make a very long story short, Aran is an idealist who tries his darndest to do right by everyone while oftentimes failing along the way. He's been undead for just a little too long, and his common sense has... withered, a little. Because of that, he's prone to believing in conspiracy theories, and tends to be easy to take advantage of. His heart's in the right place, or all that's left of it.

He won't fit into cultist guilds, evil guilds, or criminal guilds. Derpy as he can be, his sense of right and wrong are still very in-tact, and he won't actively participate in anything that would sour the relationship he's built with the Alliance.

As for me, you'd be getting an active player that likes to get involved in community efforts insofar as I'm able to, and a storyteller who isn't just in it for themselves. Dark-themed guilds are A-OK!

TL;DR Chill roleplayer with chill dead boi looking for chill guild to go on adventures with. <3

Add me on btag? Looking for more friends! Dacey#11298
Cool character! I hope you find what you're looking for.
Aw, very cool character. I have a couple of suggestions for you!

Side note: all of the guilds I'm advising here are neutral, meaning they collaborate with both Alliance and Horde roleplayers IC and OOC. For more strictly Alliance, I'm sure other people would have good suggestions!

If adventure and treasure hunting with an emphasis on atmosphere and spooky sometimes is your thing, check out my guild, Hollowlight Ventures. We're an adventuring and trading company that vends at server events and goes on immersive campaigns - we're about to start one this week!

forum post of us here. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765008348

If guardwork and combat is your thing, check out Greyshields. They do most of the guarding for Alliance-side projects and their officer core is very cool and very kind. Contact Jiroki or Vemran in-game.

If you're looking for a guild that's always there to mediate and create peace, try The Argent Onslaught. They're excellent roleplayers and excellent people all around. Reach out to Denareb, Réase, or Huajian in-game. They're super nice and super creative in their writing.

Best of luck on your search!
Excellent! I was afraid my dead boi might not get much to chose from due to the whole.. ya know. Dead thing.

Neutral is also A-OK! He's got friends in the Horde thanks to Acherus. Should also mention that he's a military man through and through, so if anybody was looking for a guy who will take orders without any lip, he'd be a worth-while recruit.

I'm also REALLY looking hard for some new friends for just individual RP. Add me on rpfind? He's in a very complicated relationship, if it matters. xD

Hey! You'd probably fit in pretty well with us over at TDK! We're all chill, and are "neutral" with a heavy lean towards Alliance because of the war. Bhaoe has Horde friends from fighting the Legion and what not as well.

Here's a link to our thread:


Our guild is pretty much a cover-all for anything a character could want to do. We do combat/contracts and run a tavern as well. Essentially, if it can make us a profit without making us wanted, we do it*.

*The Drunken Knight is not responsible for the moral decisions of it's employees, and reserves the right to decline any contract without providing reason.
Hiya, Aran!

Not sure if this is up your alley, given that we're a bunch of archaeologists, but if you're looking for a guild that's neutral, community-focused, and has a central theme but with a lot of player activity and branching stories, you might like Modan Co!

The Modan Company's been around for a bit over 10 years, and one of the best ways we've been described is a mixture of Terry Pratchett, Indiana Jones, and Monty Python. We accept people from all walks of life as long as they're trying to do right by others and preserve history.

We run expeditions each week - put up by both officers and members alike - and have optional meetings once a week to have fun, see each other, and talk about what we've done. The company itself is officially neutral regarding the faction war, though company members are free to take part in it on their own time.

You can find more information on our forum thread here: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765846470
Or you can hit me up at my contact information in the thread or in-game to talk more!

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