[A]<Defenders of Virginity> is recruiting!

Hey there!

We are a relatively new social semi-hardcore guild on Darkspear. We only officially raid 1 day a week (for now, will probably jump to 2 in the near future) with weekend pugging and we are currently expanding our roster for Battle for Azeroth, looking for people to push themselves into Heroic and with the ultimate aim of raiding Mythic.

Guild Info:

We are a newly formed guild with like minded people of what we want from the game. The main raiding team wants to compete in heroic raiding kills and move into mythic raiding in the future. We try to push reasonably high M+ keys. As some of us have our sights on high end gameplay, we also offer the social aspect of what a guild should be. We are trying to build a community of friendly players just having fun and progressing in a timely fashion. We don't just PvE either, we also PvP with aims to get a core group for RBGs and arenas. WoW isn't the only game we play either, and many of us play games outside of WoW and would love to play with you!

Raiding Schedule:

Thursday 6 p.m. - 12 a.m. Server Time

For any additional info please feel free to contact Teejmeister#1396 on Bnet, or join our discord here! https://discord.gg/4FHrSYS
Do you guys need Resto Shaman? iLVL 346 right now.
Feel free to message me in game if you see me on or BNET RpssTheBoss#1763

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