[H] <AEM> - looking for mage/RDPS

Dragonblight and Fenris
<Animus Ex Machina> is looking for more raiders - either to join our guild or to stay in your non-raid guild and join our community. Do you love raiding but hate the gamble of PUGing? Come check us out!

We are a heroic-focused but laid back guild/community with a great core team, and we're looking for additional people to fill out our team as we move into BFA. We started up at the beginning of Nighthold from a team that raided together in Wrath, and quickly established a strong track record for Nighthold, Tomb of Sargeras, and Antorus.

Uldir progress as of 9/30 is N 8/8, H 3/8.

As GM, I am proud of our supportive and encouraging atmosphere. We rock the friends and family vibe while progressing through end-game content. Most of our core are adults in their 20s-40s with jobs, so we understand raid-life balance and flexibility. While our language is not really "kid safe", most of our jokes are. I would consider us safe for women and other demographics that are looking for communities where they can talk on mic without worrying about harassment.

We are raiding Tues/Wed nights, from 8 pm ET to 10:30 pm ET.

If you're interested, pop into our Applicants discord channel (https://discord.gg/8bDKk34) or in-game recruitment channel (code NKxk4VwTJpj). (Forum replies may not be seen timely.) Please be sure to leave a message and/or @Tarisk.
We have a pretty solid raid team now, but could use another healer and one or two more ranged DPS. If you are RDPS with a heal offspec, even better! =)
We need a full-time mage interested in raiding with our guild. If that describes you, hit us up!

Even if you're not a mage, if we sound like a possible home for you, get in touch!

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