[A] Drengskapr - Hey Healers, We Need YOU!

Borean Tundra and Shadowsong
Edit: Seeking some healers for the guild, all classes welcome.

Also, if you are hilarious, you are welcome no matter what class you play. You don't even have to raid if your are sufficiently funny.

Low drama, no issues, lots going on all the time. We will probably be running a few teams weekly. If that sounds like a guild for you, come around and let's chat.

I am quite serious when I say this - character matters. Be a good guild mate first and foremost, or we will not get along.

add me.
Resto heals
09/04/2018 02:59 PMPosted by Zins
add me.
Resto heals

Outstanding! I certainly will, thanks.
Still open to a ranged dps or two!

If you are more casual and need a good guild home, you are also welcome. No pressure to raid, or mythic, but we definitely are accelerating, stuff happening all the time.

You can embrace the game however you choose......but do it with fun people!
OK, so, we have added some great guildmates, and I am enjoying having fun group of great players.

However, our rl schedules are VERY diverse, so I am still looking for a healer or two (any class is fine), and maybe more ranged? A warlock or a hunter would be a nice addition.
Still enjoying the Uldir farm, still light on healing that can attend a steady Sunday night run. We go from 5 - 8 pst, would love to have a few more healers along.

Open to any healing class, just hit me in game. Thanks.

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