Incoming nerf!?

Hey guys, first time in the priest area. So I've been playing pvp as a warlock for a while now, and for the past few weeks in BfA. I decided that after battle after battle of taking punches like a week old banana, that I'd like something with more survivability. I'm having trouble with the class in PVP atm.

Anywho, I was thinking about rolling a disc priest for Arena's instead of my lock, seeing as how I'm having problems. I have a 101 priest right now, rolled disc for heals but never did it in a pvp environment. My question is this (because I'm considering buying a character boost) do you think disc will be nerfed the next patch? (I've heard it's incredibly OP)

My interest in disc priest for Arena came from looking at stats and seeing that disc priest has the highest chance to be rated very well in 2v2 or 3v3's, second to arms warriors.
Are you basing your decision about which character to main based on how well off they are in a given patch?

Pick a spec you enjoy. It’s stupid not to- balance changes all the time. Ask yourself what strengths in a class are important to you and which weaknesses you can be at peace with.

Don’t do the whole “fotm” thing.
I agree with Erelir. Play what you enjoy, not FOTM. I enjoy Holy, so I prefer it over Disc, just like how I prefer Demonology on my Warlock over Affliction or Destruction.

If you play a spec solely based on how it performs or if it's FOTM, you'll never enjoy yourself.

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