Stuck at Logging in to Game Server

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It stays stuck on that message for about a minute, then gives me a disconnect error WOW51900102.
Same i was doing a island expo
Same thing here. Did the server hamsters have a stroke trying to keep up with the new raid?
Ditto, WOW51900102 :(
Same here
Same...I just got home from work and now I can't log in :'(
yup same here, and this is our first raid night -- great job Blizz
09/04/2018 04:40 PMPosted by Grahvus
Ditto, WOW51900102 :(

Same here. This is a bit of an extreme fix for all the bug complaints, but at least we're not complaining about those now.
same here
Same here as well
Oof. The horror of this.... i thought we left this back on launch week Dx
Yup Same here
I cant get back in been on all day. Took a break and now cant get in!
Yup, same here.
same here
Yeah can't log in either
Same, right before raid time, embarrassing for you @blizzard.

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